Pine Brook Pet Shop Family Business

PARK CITY, Utah — Keeping yourself and your families healthy is important. Nowadays, we are much more aware of how the things we eat affect our health, especially when it comes to our food, avoid poor quality ingredients or allergens that may affect us negatively. can have an effect. We all want what is best for our family, including our beloved family members.

Owner and operator of Healthy Pets Summit County Heide Fowler is an animal lover who comes from a long line of animal rescuers. Each of her personal pets is a rescue, including her two dogs, Eddie and Castiel (or Cas), a snake, a turtle that may have been put down because of its cracked shell, and an orphaned bunny. Cas is rescued as a child. That’s right, even family dogs love to help other animals!

Heide studied to become a certified pet nutritionist, and with years of experience and extensive knowledge, she has great insight into keeping your beloved pets healthy and happy. This skill helps her understand each product she sources from vendors she carefully selects. Heide also enjoys consulting with people and their pets about specific health concerns, sensitivities or allergies to see if changing their pet’s diet can alleviate those issues. I can help. Healthy Pets also offers grooming with some of the most experienced groomers in the area. Each of them uses fantastic products for your pet’s fur and skin.

Healthy Pets is a family-owned, healthy alternative pet store in Pinebrook dedicated to providing the best quality and eco-friendly pet food and supplies. Standards are as high as they can be here, everything in the store is cleanly sourced with high-quality food-grade ingredients, raised without hormones or pesticides, and eco-friendly, biodegradable, or Packed with recycled materials. Even the toys and treats are eco-friendly and designed to be safe and healthy for your pet to love.

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