Pictures of pets living in New Mexico December 11, 2023

Garcia Subaru Pets Pictures The segment features viewers’ pets living in New Mexico.

Meet Winston. Winston is about 3 years old and belongs to Emma and Robbie Jones. Emmas says he met Winston in the middle of the pandemic because he believed he would help him with the stress of the world. It was the best decision they could have made, according to Jones. Winston is known as a loving, belly-rubbing toy destroyer. But a funny thing about him, he loves his vegetables.

Let’s go ahead. Chloe is a tabby cat. She belongs to Tracy who was originally planning to rehome her. The pair became inseparable and are now best friends. Tracy is also said to be loving, comforting and her saving grace.

Last but not least is Jacques. Jazz belongs to Daryl McCoy. Jax is a rescue terrier about 8 years old. Daryl says Jax is always down for a ride in the car or a long nap.

Send us photos of your pets. Garcia Subaru Pets Pictures segment! New Mexico Living shares a photo during the broadcast of our local pets.


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