Pets of the Week – Meet Lucy and Sweet Potato.

Pets of the week - lassi and sweet potatoes

Dog of the Week – Meet Lucy

This two-year-old female pit bull terrier mix is ​​black and white in color and weighs 68 pounds. Lucy is a happy dog ​​and loves to greet volunteers and staff with her whole body. She finds it difficult to control her excitement when she is the center of attention. Recently while on hiatus, Lucy also underwent eye surgery for “cherry eye”. This is a common eye problem in certain breeds of dogs. We are thankful that our shelter veterinarian was able to correct this problem so that Lucy can “keep an eye” on potential adopters when she visits the shelter. At a recent offsite adoption event, she had a lot of fun but missed out on meeting her new “furever” family. Because of her long time at the shelter, Lucy has been designated a VIP pet. Because of this special designation, his adoption fee is reduced. Meet Lucy at Dog Adoption (DA) 12, her ID number is A54865365.

Second Dog of the Week – Meet Sweet Potato

This four-year-old female Retriever mix is ​​black and white in color and weighs 54 pounds. After spending his Thanksgiving with us at the shelter, this “side dish” is eagerly looking for a new “forever” home to call his home for Christmas. She gets along well with other dogs, so if you currently have a furry friend at home, you can bring them along for a meet and greet with a sweet potato. Sweet Potato is a well-behaved dog who loves belly rubs and playing with toys. She doesn’t have a long Christmas list—she just wants a tennis ball and a friend to play catch with. She performed brilliantly at a recent off-site event where she enjoyed all the attention she received from her friends. Unfortunately, she has yet to meet her new “furever” family at the event so she is patiently waiting for them at the shelter. With VIP status because of the amount of time he’s spent at the shelter, Sweet Potatoes can be adopted for a low fee. Meet Sweet Potato on Dog Adoption (DA) 23, her ID number is A54792109.

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  • The adoption fee includes all basic vaccinations, replacements and microchips.

    Pets of the week

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