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ARLINGTON — If you’re looking to adopt a cat at Second Chance Animal Center before the holidays, you may find there aren’t many available.

“It’s very unusual,” said Sabrina LaCrosse, who works at the shelter. “We’re running low on kittens and cats. Yes, the only one we have open (up for adoption) is Lulu.

Lulu is a more difficult cat to find a home for because she has feline leukemia, a viral disease that suppresses the immune system. It cannot be transmitted to humans.

“It’s basically a form of cancer that’s progressing,” LaCross explained. “But what people should know is that Lulu isn’t on any medication at the moment, except for the lysine – you know, to boost her immune system.”

Although the virus is shed from body fluids, it cannot survive for long outside the body. Therefore, the transmission is very manageable.

Lulu, a solid black domestic shorthair cat, is 5 years old. She is so cute and cuddly that you would never know she is even sick.

“So, Lulu is great with kids, too. She’s been with kids before. And, she’s very playful,” LaCrosse said. “She loves snuggles, and all the pets and attention she can get.”

Lulu has been to a shelter twice, and is looking for a true forever home. When she looks at you, her soft eyes are saying, “Please, be my lover.”

Troy Quinn, who works with dogs at the shelter, has countless animals in need of homes, and one of them is Maple. Maple is a 5-year-old American shelter dog.

Maple is described on her intake sheet as friendly, enthusiastic and playful, but Quinn also describes her as more timid than the other dogs at the shelter. His beautiful brindle markings cover his 55-pound frame. His tail wags, but he is hesitant in his communication.

“Maple is a sweet, shy girl who loves to play fetch and fetch on the couch,” Quinn said of working with Maple. Maple was gentle and eager to please, and didn’t pull or jerk the leash like Quinn used to work with him.

Quinn added, “He was brought in from animal control. When asked what kind of home Maple would need, Quinn said, “Maple would love a home with a dog. I’m a playmate.”

Maple will do well in a family with children over 10, but can also live in a family with a cat.

Another dog at the shelter is Orion, a 5-year-old pit bull mix. At 60 pounds, Orion is powerfully built, and loves to run and play. He has energy, but also an air of quiet confidence about himself.

“Orion is a sweet boy who likes to chew on his toys and be a big goof,” Quinn said, as she asked Orion to sit down. Orion obeyed and waited for the cure. “He would love a home with plenty of room to run and play.”

Orion’s intake sheet states that he is looking for a home that is used to working with, and training, energetic dogs. Orion needs to learn more about being inside, so that takes some work. Orion could go home without other pets and will do well with children over the age of 13.

Second Chance Animal Center is located at 1779 Vermont Route 7A in Arlington. They can be contacted on their website. or by calling 802-375-2898.

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