Pets left behind find ‘happy endings’

KELLOGG — Dogs Sunny, a yellow Labrador, and Dino, a German shepherd, weren’t destined for a long stay at Miss May’s Muddy Makeover. Instead, their stay at a Kellogg dog groomer and boarding venue turned into weeks when their owner did not return for them. The dog breeder said the owner fakes the pet’s death to avoid taking responsibility.

Business owner Emily May said the dog’s roommates were left as an emergency boarding situation. The owner reportedly claimed a family medical emergency required him to travel out of state to see a relative who fell ill. Dogs will be picked up until December 20th, however, do not interfere with Christmas boarding reservations for other dogs.

That pickup never happened, and as crews continued to try to contact the owner, they ran into a brick wall.

“We keep calling and calling, I start trying to message the emergency contact on Facebook,” Mae said.

The business owner said he tried to go through all the proper steps to get the dog’s owner to surrender the animal to him.

“Or just find ways if I don’t have trouble rehabilitating them,” May said.

Mai said at various times, when contacting the owner using phone and Facebook, her staff was told that the owner was on a ventilator and then, she was dead, but Mai didn’t believe it. .

That’s when Mae decided to try and find out what worked best for the dogs’ well-being.

Kellogg Police as well as Shoshone Pet Rescue were contacted to determine the best route for the pets.

After some response from the emergency contact, following up resulted in more promises to no avail.

“I gave them a couple of chances to come pick up the dogs, but they’d say they were leaving and then they wouldn’t show up, and after a week of that, I said, ‘OK, I’ll send them again. Will take it home. Then. I need you to come down and sign something, but they never did,” May said.

At that point, and with some guidance from law enforcement, the business Facebook page reached out to the community for help.

“All we care about is that the dogs are in a good home,” May said. “We had a number of people interested in raising them and doing some trials, and we had a gentleman contact us who wanted to try them both.”

Kellogg Police Chief Paul Tweedt called the situation “just unfortunate.”

“It’s not relinquishment because he left them with someone. That aspect took him more into a civil case than a criminal one,” Tweedt said.

After consulting more closely with the Shoshone County Prosecutor’s Office, Twidt said he agreed that, unfortunately, the case was a civil case.

As president of Shoshone Pet Rescue, Marcia Biotti said she wishes the owner would have surrendered the dog directly to a pet nonprofit that was equipped to take them in, instead of finding out For the owner has left the dogs behind, a scenario that hides the truth from everyone involved.

“If someone asks for help, we’ll offer it,” Biotti said.

Pet rescue agencies try to talk to each other and adopt a no-adoption policy if pet owners have a history of adopting animals they can’t care for long-term, but unfortunately From, there is a length that people can go. To prevent the safety net in place.

Biotti said it would be helpful if there was some kind of centralized database to better enforce pet placements, but in the meantime agencies rely on past experience and word of mouth to try and prevent adoptions. Dependence may result in pets being abandoned or abused. negligence

“People lie out of most of these situations unless someone actually witnesses the abuse or neglect and is willing to testify,” Beauty said.

Meanwhile, Miss May’s Muttley Makeovers made a happy announcement about the dogs’ status on Thursday.

Sunny and Dino stayed with David Lautzenheiser for a trial foster period to see if it would work, and just this week, he announced that he would be happy to take them on permanently. Dino’s name has changed slightly and is now going to Odin, named for the Viking god.

“We got word that he bonded with them and would like to keep them both. We’ve heard nothing but good things from the veterinary clinic about how he takes care of his dogs. , so it was a really happy ending,” Emily May said.

As they develop relationships and new routines, dogs are settling into their new home.

“They’re both very sweet dogs. Listen, lab, go and just put their head on my chest right away,” Lautzenheiser said.

It has taken a long time to build trust with Odin, but the dog now uses Lautzenheiser’s bed as his safe place.

After losing her Lab in October, Lautzenheiser had put off getting a new dog and figured the right dog would appear somewhere along the way.

“I’m so thankful they have them. They’re some sweet darlings,” Lautzenheiser said.

Dogs Sunny and Odin are hanging out together.
Dino the German Shepherd has been renamed Odin.
Sunny is a yellow labrador that Miss May rides with Dino the dog in Muttley Makeovers.

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