Pets are loved too! Just watch these happy animals open Christmas presents. Kelsey Bjork Posted: December 26, 2023

There are many reasons to enjoy the holiday season. One of them, of course, has to be Opening gifts! Although, I would argue that watching someone else open a gift you gave them can be even better than opening it yourself. It’s especially fun to watch young children experience this fun part of the season, but have you ever watched pets unwrap Christmas presents?

As someone who has only made it through a few videos of four-legged friends, I can attest to how amazing they are to watch. Some people find the process a bit confusing at first but, once they get the hang of it, they can’t contain their excitement! Keep scrolling to see some of my favorites.

1. “See how pleased he is with his gifts.”

Denzel is the definition of a good boy.

@thelabraseal Look how happy he is with his gifts. #Christmas #Good boy #dogsofttiktok ♬ Elf – Main Theme – Geek Music

2. “Before we started giving Paul presents to open, he wondered why we were allowed to rip through the boxes of papers but he wasn’t.”

Oh, our pets just want to join in when we open Christmas presents!

@catnamedpawl He would wonder why we were allowed to tear the paper from the boxes before we started giving gifts to open the envelope but he wasn’t. #fyp #Christmas #diy #Gifts #petsoftiktok #funny ♬ Original Sound – Pawl The Cat

3. There’s no such thing as a full-body shake of an over-excited dog!

@ktkil Happy holidays #staffylove #christmasstaffy #christmasgifts ♬ Original Voice – kt

4. Brady prefers food to toys, and I love that.

“He loves the act of opening presents so much that he wanted to keep opening more even after there were none left… so he chewed a big hole in that big cardboard box.”

@bradygraffiti_corgis The boys really enjoyed opening their Christmas presents this year ☺️. We always give Brady all the treats because he’s not a toy guy. He loves the act of opening presents so much that he wanted to keep opening more even after there were none left… so he chewed a big hole in that big cardboard box. I’ll post the video later on my stories – he hasn’t destroyed anything since the carpets when he was a puppy so it’s so cute to see him be a naughty little pug and enjoy being silly. #dogchristmas #dog gift #Dog #Corgi #Pets ♬ A Holly Jolly Christmas – Christmas Music

5. Little Denzel was still recovering from an eye infection when he opened his presents, but that didn’t dampen his excitement!

@thelexibunch Merry Christmas to you from our lovely family 🎄 Denzel is feeling much better today and wanted to share what Santa Paws brought! Leo and Sully also opened their presents, but they weren’t as excited as Denzel 😂 #piot bani #christmaspresents #Pets #fyp #denzelandleo ♬ Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree – Brenda Lee

6. A kind person donated lots of goodies to four-legged friends at the Humane Society in Mokena, Illinois.

They all look so happy!

@nawshumanesocietymokena We have the best donors and supporters all over the world! Watch long-term naws pets open their own personalized presents for Christmas. #fyp #RescueDog #nokillshelters #adoptdontshop #nokillnation #adoptdontshop #Shelterdog #animalshelter #Save the animals #animalsofttiktok #shelterdogsoftikt #Human society ♬ Original Sound – CHRISTMAS🔛🔝🎄🎁

See what I mean? If you’ve never fed your pets Christmas presents, I highly recommend it. They experience an enriching activity that ends with a treat and leaves you with a happy memory. Isn’t that love!?

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