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Hello and welcome to the latest edition of Cats, Cats from SOLAS kittens!

This week we got some cute cats to chat with, all of whom are ready and available for adoption!


First of all, Randy 10 months old and absolutely a sweet loving boy. He was found in a comatose condition and has since made a full recovery. He gets a little zoom every night, then sits next to you and curls up. He knows his name when you call him. He gets along with other cats as long as they are not aggressive and is fine with larger dogs who are not hyper.

Jason and Freddie

Jason and Freddie

Second, we have two brothers who are available to meet and visit anytime at PetSmart. Jason And Freddie Almost all of us were black Halloween cats. He is a very sweet, gentle boy and about 4 1/2 months old. Their feet are very soft and almost never have claws. They were raised around 2 large dogs and other cats and did just fine. They are also both quiet and do not talk much. But they like to play and fish! We would love to adopt them both together.

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Finally, we have a beautiful green eyed girl. Tamar A very good cat with his human friends. She is very loving. Tamar is very relaxed and content. It is described as a blue, cream-tinged tortoise shell.

He has a few pounds to lose, having lost two pounds so far in foster care. Maybe walking and busier times will help. Needs to be brushed. She is bossy and playful around other cats. But she won’t agree. Another cat can work if there is enough space to respect the boundaries.

Tamar was a stray who was brought to the Midlands Humane Society and adopted in 2020. He is an owner. Tamar turned 8 in August. He really engages with me lovingly and is a beautiful cat. I would only recommend her as a cat, unless her adopter has short-term or long-term experience working with aggressive cats. She really likes people and is very loving, easy company and calm. He is playful if encouraged.

All SOLAS pets are spayed/neutered, microchipped, vaccinated and fully vetted before being available for adoption. Adoption fees are $125 for one kitten, $200 for two kittens, $75 for kittens 6-12 months old and $50 for adults over 1 year old. You can email For more information.

SOLAS does not have any “brick and mortar” sites that require a mortgage, nor do we have any paid staff members. everyone The money donated goes directly to caring for the homeless pets we foster.

Every donation also qualifies for tax exemption as SOLAS is a certified not-for-profit charity. Tax season is coming! Contact us about making a tax-deductible donation. It’s a win!

You can contact SOLAS about adopting or donating. Or call 402-577-0213.

Donations to SOLAS can be made through our Amazon Wish List. PayPal at or via Chewy at

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