PETLIBRO has introduced an RFID pet feeder for personalized pet food.

Using advanced RFID pet identification technology, PETLIBRO’s latest smart feeder takes the stress out of feeding time for multiple pets.

San Jose, California, January 24, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — PatliboroughA leading American smart pet supply brand has unveiled the latest addition to its innovative product line. An RFID pet feeder. The latest pet feeder, equipped with radio frequency identification (RFID) pet identification technology, sets a new standard for managing individual needs in multi-pet households..

“We want to give every pet the most personalized feeding experience possible,” said York, Founder and CEO of PETLIBRO. “We know that the dinner rush in a multi-pet household can be a stressful experience when considering specific diets, unique personalities and eating habits. Want to help make moments easier.”

Identification of pets with RFID technology

One RFID Pet Feeder verifies a pet’s identity before opening the lid of the food bowl via an RFID tag that is placed on their collar. This ensures that individual pets get the right nutrition at the right time, and addresses common challenges in multi-pet households, including food theft, food aggression, weight management, and separation of prescription foods. Includes the need for

Watch your eating habits for peace of mind

With a lifetime log that records feeding time and frequency, pet parents have complete visibility into how much their pet eats. In the dedicated PETLIBRO app, this feeding time data can be filtered by days, weeks or months, generating useful insights for a better understanding of pet eating habits. It can also raise awareness of unusual pet eating patterns for early intervention.

Custom parts and easy scheduling

With the ability to schedule up to 10 meals per day, pet owners can easily adjust feeding schedules to their pet’s needs. Each meal can be adjusted to the number of portions chosen by pet owners (1/8 cup per meal), ensuring that each pet is fed the correct and appropriate amount.

Enhance personality and safety

With the PETLIBRO app, pet parents can sync their pet’s name to the One RFID Pet Feeder’s LED display, which can light up the room with their pet’s presence. In addition, the dedicated collar also contains a QR code with the pet’s information and owner’s contact information, making it easier for pets to be reunited with their owners if they get lost.

But there is a price. $149.99 With the inclusion of a collar tag, an RFID feeder is available. Official website of PETLIBRO And Amazon.


Since 2019, PETLIBRO has helped more than one million families enrich the lives of their beloved companions with premium pet tech products, one of the best-selling smart pet supply brands globally. has become one. These innovative products are designed with a clear focus on simplifying pet care and enhancing the bond between pet owners and their furry companions. Prioritizing the needs of pets and their people, they offer ideal solutions that are innovative and easy to use. See For more information.

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