Pet Safety Warning: Protect your furry friends from below freezing temperatures.

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WLP) – Below freezing temperatures are expected through the weekend, which could be dangerous for your pets.

If you were out walking in the cold this week, chances are your pets were. But there are precautions you can take during the winter months to ensure their safety.

Temperatures will remain below freezing throughout the week and will reach the single digits in the evenings. It can be harmful or even fatal to your pet with chemicals on the streets.

Since 2018, more than 140 companion animals have died due to cold weather, according to PETA, including a dog that fell into a river in Everett last month. Ariel Torres with Pet Supplies Plus outlines a key item to help your pet cope with cold conditions, “A good sweater for your dog. You always want to make sure that they They are warm. They get cold like humans. So don’t think they have fur, they don’t need to be warm.

There are people who don’t groom their pets, but in sub-freezing temperatures, it can make all the difference. Even if you take precautions, such as dressing your pet in coats and boots, pets can still suffer from colds.

Lee Chambers with the Dawkins Humane Society lists signs to watch for, “Watch your dog for signs of hypothermia. If they’re going on that walk and they start to get quite sluggish, So they start crying, start shivering, if they get lethargic or want to collapse somewhere for warmth.”

Mild hypothermia can occur in dogs when the temperature drops below freezing. If your pet is suffering from hypothermia, it is important to get them inside as soon as possible and contact a vet or emergency hospital.

While we’ve talked a lot about dogs, these principles apply to all household pets.

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