Pet of the Week: Meet Jack

From Paws Crossed Animal Rescue

This week’s Pet of the Week is Jake!


Jake’s stunning hazel eyes will instantly melt your heart! Everyone who meets Jack immediately falls in love. With a wonderful, soft, sleek, jaguar-like coat, he loves to play outside, whatever the weather. He happily strolls with you on walks and will only stop for hugs and pets.

He’ll explore on his own and then stick to you like glue like he’s a big, lap dog. He is alert and alert when his large, pointed ears are raised, but when they are down and his tongue hangs to one side, he is happy and relaxed.

Jack is a sweetheart. (Paws Crossed Animal Rescue)

You’ll know he wants some TLC when he sits at your feet and tilts his head back, asking for a pet. Who wouldn’t want this adorable boy? Visit Jack today – you won’t regret it!

For more information about Jack, please visit our website. . Can’t adapt? Share Jack with everyone you know!

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