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ARLINGTON — Fred and Daphne, tabby siblings from the same litter, are just 6 months old. Currently, he resides at Second Chance Animal Center in Arlington, but is eagerly awaiting a forever home.

Hopefully it can happen before the holidays.

Sabrina LaCrosse, who works at Second Chance, said, “It would be nice if they went to the same house. They don’t have to, but it would be nice.

When asked about the couple’s preferences, Lacrosse said, “They can live with other friendly cats, children and possibly a cat-friendly dog.”

“They love to play,” said Lacrosse of the two adorable felines, “they love interactive cat toys, cat trees and of course cat treats.”

“Daphne just loves to cuddle with her brother,” she said. “And, he’s a little more outgoing.”

It was obvious the two were enjoying each other’s company, as they moved around the room, Fred mirroring Daphne’s movements. He was also fascinating and inquisitive and very cheerful.

Second Chance Animal Shelter also has a young beagle mix, named Doc.

“He’s blind, probably from birth,” said Troy Quinn, Second Chance’s kennel supervisor who was working with the vet at the time. “He’s seen two doctors for his eyes. It’s not reversible.”

Although the doctor is blind, he navigates the room comfortably. He clearly knows where the food and water are, and he knows where the attention is.

“We’ve only had it a little over a month,” Quinn said. “He was found by the side of the road. He was found as a stray – with a chain hanging from him.”

The Doctor showed his exemplary behavior with extreme affection and gentleness, with side wiggles.

“He loves to eat, loves to be outside, loves to go for walks. Yeah, typical beagle,” laughed Quinn.

“The Doctor weighs about 20 lbs.” Quinn said as she flirted with the Doctor, lifting him up, and the Doctor returned the affection. “He likes to be hugged.”

“He loves little kids,” Quinn said. “He just needs a home.”

If you are interested in adopting Fred, Daphne, or Doc, please contact Second Chance Animal Center, located at 1779 VT Route 7A in Arlington.

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