Pet Feed Delhi 2023: Sunny days, pets, owners bond over fun and competitions Delhi News

NEW DELHI: Retrievers are barking happily at each other, Shih Tzus are munching on their food and German Shepherds are leading their parents like a human on a leash. of the Animal loversAll roads led to the NSIC in South Delhi’s Okhla on Saturday, the first day of the Pet Feed Delhi 2023. The sun-drenched lands were surrounded by adorable animals whose owners were attached to it. Fun and fun And competition.
A charming paw-se will be seen from the busy schedule. Grooming Master Class, Adoption camps, fashion events, an international cat show, even a special display by the Delhi Police dog on Sunday. Dogs in animated costumes laugh and twirl, their tails wagging furiously. A regal cat rode on a small float, decorated with flowers and ribbons, basking in the adulation of the crowd. No one at Pet Feed could miss Stryker the Samoyed, a blindingly white blur of confusion and excitement, or Juliet, a Bolivian macaw, who displayed spectacular bursts of color in her wings.

Saturday’s International Cat Show was special, with over 300 cats in attendance. Rows of tables were decorated with colorful kitty condos, each with a contestant waiting their turn. The diverse breeds—Persian, Maine Coon, Bengal and many others—each had their moment of prominence.
Judge Anneliese Hickman, president of the World Cat Federation, bred a cat rival. He stroked her fur, assessing every nuance of her phenotype, assessing her temperament, health, and cleanliness. He told TOI, “The idea is to create awareness about the ethical breeding of cats and the potential pitfalls that can lurk beneath it. Through this platform, we want experts to have an open opinion about their cats. Want to encourage the system.
But proving that pets come in all shapes, sizes and species, Zoya Rahim has her seven-year-old iguana named Sultan. There were others who aimed to challenge misconceptions about certain breeds, among them Kshagra and Arzu, owners of pit bulls and gray bulldogs, respectively. Arzu said, “The main reason I decided to bring my pets to the event was to introduce people to big dogs and make them realize that training plays a very important role in determining their behavior and attitude. “
Founded in 2014 by Akshay Gupta, PetFeed has grown from a modest gathering of less than 200 dogs to become Delhi’s most attended pet shelter. Gupta said, “We realized that there were community platforms for arts, books and food, but nothing for pets and pet parents. PetFeed is an all-India interactive community of pet parents. was born as
He added that the fair also promoted responsible pet ownership, created awareness about animal welfare and provided a platform for adoption of pets in need. Organizers believe the event promotes a shift from viewing pets as mere accessories to recognizing them as integral members of the family, deserving of respect, care and companionship.
While promoting responsible pet ownership, Pet Fed also organizes adoption drives in collaboration with NGOs, which help indigent pets find new homes every year. Juhi Bhattacharya of Umeed for Animals, which works to rehabilitate distressed, abused and neglected animals in the Delhi-NCR region, said, “This event is an opportunity to show and spread the message of love to these people. who may not yet have experienced the pure joy of having a pet.”

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