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Shreveport, La. It is Wednesday and time. Claws for care. For our four-legged friends.

this week, Pet savers Join us on KTBS 3 News Midday to share how we can make a big difference in the life of a beloved friend.

If you are interested in adopting, here are just a few of the Arc Latex agencies you may want to contact.

Shelter vs. Rescue

Some of the advantages of adopting from a shelter are that you can see many pets at once at their facility. Many shelters have a very simple or no screening process, and will let you take home any pet you want on the same day. Adoption fees are often lower than rescue, but you may have to pay for additional vet care after adoption.

Some of the advantages of adopting from a rescue are that they often know a lot about each pet in their care, as pets can be in foster homes. Rescues may have a more involved screening process, which may take longer, but can help you adopt a pet that is more likely to be an easy match for your home. Adoption fees are often higher than at the shelter, but often include animal care that will cost more if you pay the vet yourself.

We are here to help with the agencies listed below. We’ve also included a little information about the difference between adopting from a shelter and adopting from a rescue.

Thank you for considering pet adoption and visit the following sites for more information. Your efforts are appreciated. KTBS is not responsible for pets that are adopted.

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