Our pets of the week!

Bryan, Texas (KBTX) -These sweet dogs have a lot of energy to burn and a lot of love to give!

honey There is a husky and lab mix that is about eight weeks old.

Honey is discovered and brought to an empty apartment by a landlord Longway Home Adoptable When it was left behind by a former tenant.

LWH Executive Director April Plemons said Honey will do best with an active family because she will grow up to be a big dog with lots of energy.

“We need an active family for him that will make sure he gets all the proper enrichment and exercise that he’ll need because he’s a crazy puppy,” Plemons said.

At the opposite end, Rudy A small boy with a big personality.

They are Jack Russell Terrier and Cairn Terrier mix dogs.

Rudy’s litter was found dead and he was the only survivor, so LWH rescued him.

“We bottle fed him until he was old enough and now he’s eating big boy dog ​​food.”

Rudy and Honey are available for adoption, but LWH is also looking for volunteers to foster.

“We want to make sure we’re matching you with a foster that’s a good fit for your environment,” Plemons explained.

There is an application process for fostering.

Plemons said if a foster loves and decides to adopt, they will usually be the first choice for that pet!

“It will be great because now these pets will never have to feel abandoned again,” Plemons added.

For Honey and Rudy’s adoption application, click Here.

If you are interested in promoting rescue, click here. Here.

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