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It’s the middle of the night, and you’re waking up to one of your biggest fears… your pet is having a life-threatening medical emergency. The only 24/7 vet that opens at 2:00 am is VCA East Bay Veterinary Emergency in Antioch. It will take you at least 20 minutes to get your pet to the emergency hospital. You try your best to get there but your beloved pet just can’t.

It happens all the time in our area. I work for a doctor and personally talk to people who have battled and still battle this devastating problem. Heartbreaking stories are shared every day about what could have been done differently to save our pets.

Pets are not just animals. For a large number of people our pets have been given to us by loved ones who have passed on, for some they are our only companion, and/or our family members. According to AVMA research on “Pet Ownership and Demographics,” an average of 77.2% of pet owners consider their pets to be members of their family.

There are some solutions that could potentially be the answer to saving our pets’ lives.

Building a 24/7 veterinary emergency hospital in Brentwood in the first instance would be invaluable to the area. VCA East Bay Veterinary Emergency is the only 24/7 veterinary emergency in the Discovery Bay, Brentwood, Oakley, Antioch and Pittsburg area.

VCA East Bay Veterinary Emergency has an unusual amount of emergencies that come into their facility. This can be overwhelming for their staff and pet owners. It’s not the hospital’s fault if they get so overwhelmed, but some owners have to wait over 6 hours to be seen. The next closest 24/7 veterinary emergency hospital is SAGE in Concord.

Building a 24/7 emergency vet hospital in Brentwood will not only take the pressure off an emergency doctor in Antioch, but it will also provide a short drive for those who live in or around the Brentwood area. . That little drive can save a pet’s life.

The other is an ambulance as well as an emergency pet transport service. Many pet owners are unable to drive or do not have transportation. An emergency pet transport service will be able to reach the owner’s home in an emergency and transport the pet and the owner to the nearest open vet.

These ambulances may have registered veterinary technicians. Vet Techs will be able to access the situation in the same way that our first responders will arrive at our homes. If the pet needs immediate medical attention, Vet Techs will begin transporting the pet to the hospital immediately. On the way to the hospital, Vet Techs will equip the ambulance with basic medical supplies that can help keep the pet stable enough to get to the hospital.

While the pet ambulance is on its way to the hospital, emergency personnel in the ambulance can call the hospital’s direct line to inform veterinarians and vet staff of the patient’s severity, how many staff should be on standby, and the patient’s condition. Allow everything to be prepared with the medical supplies before you arrive. Medical supplies may include oxygen, sterile equipment, and pain injections. Notifying staff ahead of time will allow the veterinarian to read the patient’s file if medical records are available and create a plan before the patient arrives.

New York City has a pet ambulance service called AmbuVet. They provide emergency and non-emergency animal transport services. This is exactly what should be normalized not only in our area but the whole world!

Saving the lives of pets is the mission we are after. By working together we can make these solutions a reality and change the lives of pets around the world.

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