One of the coldest MLK Jr. days on record, humans and pets are adjusting – ABC 6 News

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(ABC 6 News) – We’ve had to adjust by layering again, but pets can struggle more.

Salt added to help prevent ice can irritate and/or injure a pet’s paws. It has the same effect as when you put salt on a human wound.

Gina Behnke, supervisor of lashes and lids at Byron, echoes this. “Sweaters are definitely important for some races and definitely booties. When it’s very cold, keeping those raw paw pads on, it’s important to have those booties on for protection.”

Emma Van Benschoten has also made seasonal adjustments for her health, “I usually start my car earlier and recently bring my mittens everywhere.”

To put into perspective how far below average we are in terms of temperature, we’re not far off the record for the coldest Martin Luther King Jr. Day. The Rochester International Airport record set in 1994 is -9°F, and we’ve been zero all day Monday.

We have warmer weather coming in the near future, which should make it a lot easier for outdoor activities, especially when it’s as beautiful as the skies have been these past few days.

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