On January 31, 2024, pet adoptions in Delaware County were highlighted.

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AFL: Carlton

Carlton has one of those soulful faces that makes him look almost human — like a person in a cat suit! This particular guy was born in March 2018 and is a calm, gentle cat who really likes to be close to his people, but not in their laps. He has long legs which means he would do best with a large, high-sided litter box to keep things tidy, but he has great manners in this department. He was found in very poor condition, on the brink of starvation, in August 2023, and has made a beautiful recovery with lots of TLC and expert vet care. Carlton is up to date on shots, neutered and microchipped. He would enjoy a quiet home, although he says he wouldn’t mind school-age children. He enjoys playing with a good stick toy! He is currently living with other cats but prefers not to interact with them. Carlton can live happily with another quiet cat like him. To learn more about Carlton and other pets available for adoption, and to download an adoption application, visit www.animalfriendsoflansdowne.org.

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