Oliver, NEPA Pet Fund and Rescue: 16 to the Rescue

Mountain Top, Pa. — Oliver needs a loving family and an eloquent friend to keep him company.

“He’s such a sweet boy. He’s beautiful; he’s got beautiful markings. He’s just a friendly, outgoing person, loves to play,” said Donna Bohn, Oliver’s foster mom. said She calls him Oli.

Ollie was rescued from a stocking situation in the spring and has been raised through it. Napa Pet Fund and Rescue since then. He is a little over 1 year old. He had a respiratory infection and an eye infection when he was found as a kitten, but made a full recovery after treatment.

After settling in very comfortably at his foster home in Mountain Top, Ollie is ready for his forever home.

“He’s a snuggle bug. He’s always at your feet. He’s a little bit of a threat in that regard — always rubbing against your feet, your legs,” Bohn said.

Ollie doesn’t need any medication but has some scars on her eyes from her infection. Rescue workers say his vision is not affected but his eyes are slightly cloudy.

Because he’s never been alone, Ollie will need some company in his forever home.

“One thing about Oliver is that he has to go to a house that has another cat, at least one other cat. He gets really upset when he doesn’t have any friends. When he His siblings adopted him and he was abandoned, so he just took them with him. For days,” said Bohn.

Also, Ollie does well with meeting new people and is very excited about everything.

“He can be a little rowdy when he plays, so I probably wouldn’t recommend it for younger kids, but older kids will be fine,” Bohn said.

If you are interested in meeting Oliver, you can click here to find his adoption information. Here

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