Officials at Wichita Falls Animal Services reinforce the importance of research in gifting pets.

Wichita Falls (KFDX/KJTL) — As Christmas Day approaches, the folks at Wichita Falls Animal Services Reclaim Center have an important reminder for gift givers.

As the center sees an increase in animal adoptions around this time of year, animal services officials like Senior Administrator Kathryn Moore said the most important thing before giving a pet a gift for Christmas is to do your research. .

“The gifts that animals have are great,” Moore said. “We all love dogs, we all love kittens and big-lunged dogs, things like that, but there’s more responsibility behind that.”

For example, find out if the person you are adopting the animal for has the means to care for the animal first.

“You know, the important thing to just remember about it is, you know, pets aren’t just gifts,” Moore said. “They’re a long-term commitment. The dogs themselves live 15 to 16 years. I’ve even seen some 20-year-old dogs come into these halls, and that’s just because you have to take care of them. Will be.

Responsibilities like doctor bills, food and water, shelter and more.

Not doing research before adopting can have a big impact not only on the animals, but on the shelters, Moore said.

“Basically most of our owner surrenders that we have at the shelter are returned gifts,” Moore said. “They’ll tell us they got them from a friend, they got them from a neighbor, they got them from a family member, and we’re like, ‘Okay, are they willing to take them back? ‘ And, unfortunately, they are not because they were gifts. It plays a large role in the surrender of our Lord that we have.”

If you’ve done your research and are sure about getting someone a pet for Christmas, consider local shelters instead of buying a pet from a pet store, Moore said.

“If you’re looking for a pet this season, think seriously about the commitment you’re going to make, but maybe adopt a shelter or rescue that’s full of animals. Instead of buying one and spending thousands of dollars.”

To make sure you and your new beloved family member have a very merry Christmas.

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