Officials at the Bergen County Animal Shelter say owners are surrendering their pets at an alarming rate.

Teterboro, NJ — Animal shelter officials say the owners Leaving your pets is becoming a serious problem.

CBS went to New York on Thursday. Bergen CountyWhere a shelter is trying to find homes for dozens of cats and dogs that were surrendered.

Officials at the Bergen County Animal Shelter and Adoption Center in Teterboro say dogs And Cats At an alarming rate, many of them are being taken to shelters after the holidays.

“People have buyer’s remorse. They’ll go out and get themselves a puppy. They’ll get a dog for their family, and then within days they realize that pet owners What a real responsibility to have,” said Commissioner Steve Tanelli.

Officials say 25 dogs have been abandoned since Christmas, and more than 166 pets have been abandoned at the shelter since November.

The majority of surrender dogs are large breeds.

A beautiful husky named “Luke” and a husky mix, “Banbo” are up for adoption, as is an energetic corgi named “Bear.”

When asked what people say to their pets when they surrender them, shelter manager Bob Bergmani said, “Either they don’t have time for them…they just feel like It was not what they were doing as far as responsibility was concerned.”

Bergmini said many people had pets during the pandemic and have now returned to the office, realizing they don’t want to leave their pets alone.

However, he said what he has encountered more is pet owners facing financial difficulties.

“That they’ve lost their home and they don’t have a place to live, so they can’t keep their pets anymore,” Bergmini said.

As for the cats, Bergmani said, “Right now there are about 75 to hundreds during the spring and summer months. That’s our busiest time for cats. During kitten season we have 350 in the building. Can keep up to 450 cats.

Anyone interested in adopting a pet can come to the shelter and fill out an application, or visit the shelter’s website.

“When people come in to adopt, they don’t just come in one day and immediately leave with the dog. They come in, they meet, they make sure the dog is OK,” Tanelli said. According to their abilities and what they can do,” Tanili said. .

CBS New York caught up with “Luna,” who is 6 months old and surrendered on Jan. 6. She will be available for adoption soon.

For more information on how you can adopt one of our four-legged friends, Please click here..

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