Northern Colorado Veterinary Clinics Sue Fort Collins Pet Cemetery

Two northern Colorado veterinary clinics have accused a Fort Collins pet cemetery of dumping animal remains in mass graves or landfills, among other fraudulent business practices, according to a lawsuit filed in late January. With.

Veterinary clinics are suing Precious Memories Pet Cemetery and Crematorium in Fort Collins, which Advertises “personalized, compassionate care for you and your pet” on its website., Sue noted. Among the services it advertises, Precious Memories offers on-site pet burials and scattering of ashes, general group and private cremations, and creation of clay paw prints for pet owners.

But the clinics that filed suit — Edwards Veterinary Care and Western Skies End of Life Veterinary Care — say Precious Memories did not complete the services as requested by an unspecified number of clients.

Instead, the clinics say Precious Memories staff disposed of the animals’ carcasses or ashes in a landfill or buried the animals in mass graves when mass burials were requested, and the business misplaced the pet, according to the lawsuit. Make clay paw prints of animals.

The case also describes the difference between separate and private funerals. A private cremation means that only one pet is cremated at a time. In a separate crematorium, multiple pets are cremated at a time with some sort of separation or barriers between them to keep the remains separate. In both cases, the pet remains are returned to the client.

The lawsuit alleges that Precious Memories had the wrong type of cremation requested by customers.

Precious Memories did not immediately respond to a request for comment Friday afternoon.

Edwards Veterinary Care in Greeley has worked with Precious Memories since 2013, and Western Skies End of Life Veterinary Care, which has locations in Larimer and Weld counties and Laramie, Wyoming, has worked with them since 2019, Sue said. According to.

The clinics say they discovered these fraudulent practices in September 2022, and that both of them have stopped working with precious memories.

The clinics are suing for breach of contract, fraudulent misrepresentation, and violations under the Colorado Consumer Protection Act. A jury trial has been requested.

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