New Year’s Resolutions for Your Pets

Have you made any New Year’s resolutions for your pets?

I asked friends online a simple question about resolutions. “Tell us about what you’ve solved for each pet … and why!” He happily replied.

Kevin Whittenberg Mr (Michigan) to spend more time working my own dogs, than I do on client’s dogs.

Jill Gibbs (Montana) to get Amos to stop grabbing cones in the agility ring!

Alisha Ardiana (California) I had a lot of medical problems this year, and I researched my papillon diet. He needs to lose weight now! I am officially saying that we will reach its maximum weight in 2024.

Trish Ryan (South Carolina) We had adventures planned — hiking, walking on the beach, swimming, camping, and just being together — before we lost our best girl, FC. Life Lesson: Take time every day to be with your dogs. No matter what you do, they will love to do it with you.

Photo by Trish Ryan

Annie Zack (Washington) My three little dachshunds will each learn basic performance obedience, off and on lead, and maybe try the musical freestyle again. (I miss him and all of you, Rough Review!) At least one should make the cut!

Nicola Walker (UK) Just because she really enjoys training and I enjoy the challenge of using most toys as reinforcement, we’ve been working on trick titles for Arwen the cat. are That’s probably about it, though.

Deb Hunt (Washington) Stop the rescue …too old, too tired, too much work, and expensive.

Jonny Eaglesham (United Kingdom) I want claws at home again.

Shelley Cale (Idaho) I don’t usually make resolutions because I can’t manage myself, let alone each other, but I try to help my daughter manage her allergy symptoms more effectively (comfortably). Making sure she gets lots of fun exercise and engaging activities, spending quality time doing things she tells me she wants to do, and addressing the anxiety she creates when she goes to the doctor. Or at least work on reducing.

Photo by Shelley Kiel

Jessica Thiessen de Gonzalez (New York) to follow up as much as possible with my dog’s diagnosis of Canine Cognitive Dysfunction. He was evaluated in his annual last February and we immediately implemented some changes — but this year we need an evaluation.

Emma Bolderson (UK) Is it for owners? For example: Take time to provide more enrichment. Work on not barking at the door, etc.

Jill Gibbs “My New Year’s resolution is to catch it in the backyard!” – Amos

Photo by Jill Gibbs

Marilyn Marx (Connecticut) Well, I signed up for an exercise class for myself and a few classes for my dogs starting in January. Does it count? I don’t want to make any more resolutions, but I can’t say I don’t feel renewed energy this time of year.

ME Wolff (Vermont) “Longer Walks, More Sniffs: 2024.”

Rebecca King (Ohio) “Exercise more so I can jump and play more.” “Work on my cute expression for more food.” “Steal more salt crabs from son.” “Steal all the food from the gourami.”

Photo by Rebecca King

Erin Saville (Indiana) Jute vows to win more flyball titles, now that he’s convinced it’s fun! And playing more ‘cheats’. Ribbon? To play every minute of every day. MadMax? To get the parkour title, and continue to be the best bad boy.

Talani Lasoli (Tennessee) Work at Cooperative Care for nail trims and doctor visits.

Amy Shuzai (Texas) Trinity Kitten: “Hold the red dot!” Karma Cat: “Wrestle to acknowledge the Trinity!” Shadow Pup: “Steal all the cat toys!”

Photo by Amy Shuzai

September B morning (Washington) Daisy: “Why would I need to make a New Year’s resolution when I’m already perfect?” Sully: “Take more classes, learn to do everything!”

David Bozak (New York) Control Unleashed: Reactive to RelaxOur young rescue border collie had many homes before he came to us. He needs to learn how to do things that can make him more excited now.

Karen Lavey (United Kingdom) that I will continue to do my best to help my dog ​​feel happier about life outside of his home. That I will do my best to make sure I look out for my two 12-year-old dogs so that they are never in pain or too confused to be truly happy. (All three dogs are in pretty good shape at the moment, albeit a bit dirty.)

Ali Balkani. (Washington) Oakley: Work toward your first cooperative care title, work toward a truck title, and build confidence to reduce noise sensitivity and, in turn, barking. *offda* My sensitive mind right now with garbage day and all the delivery trucks. Both Winston and Buddy (the cats) need to lose weight after a tough year. We’ll get there by playing more, which will improve our overall mental well-being. Also vowing to work on their co-op care because nail clipping isn’t pretty right now.

Sandy Hanlon (Massachusetts) Further hikes, fitness/strength training twice a week are my top two.

Catherine Horne (California) I can’t make a resolution for Knap. That would be selfish. But I can make one for myself that is all about: I will work very hard to be with him in the moment… forever!

Mandy Collins (UK) I’m going to start following my own advice!

Sandy Strobel Sabo (Virginia) Mr. Wilson’s New Year’s resolution should be to not walk out the door. Yes, he comes home, but he scares mom and dad. Is that what you mean? Or our New York resolutions for us. with Our dog? If so … I need to practice what I used to teach when training dogs, including nail clipping, ear cleaning, and better memory training. If you are looking for resolutions that our dogs Thaddeus says, “I need to know why my mind triggers me with a mini seizure that causes me to suddenly bark at mom and blame her.” Ursula’s goal is to get Mr. Wilson to stop trying to just be the dominant dog. As she is the only girl, she wants to be the leader of the pack. He has to stop licking the other floor, the couch, everything. His third resolution would be to continue being a cat by chasing lights and sitting on furniture arms.

Chili Pixie Sanders (United Kingdom) Haha, how about an extra hug every day? Our furry friends deserve pampering all year long!

Haven’t made any New Year’s resolutions for your pets yet? It’s never too late! I hope you’ve found the inspiration you need in the comments you’ve read here.

Happy New Year!

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