New Year, New Pets? Tell us about your furry friends

CLEVELAND, Ohio – Are you ringing in the new year with your favorite pet? Did you find cute friends over the holidays?

Maybe you already have a special dog, kitty, hamster, bird or other pet that makes your life even more special. Is there a big story behind how your pet joined your home?

We want to hear about it!

Share your pet’s story with us. And Sun newspaper readers. We all love to read about animals that make our lives and homes a little fuller and happier.

Did you adopt your pooch from an animal shelter? Did that little kitten in the litter really speak to your heart? Maybe you adopted an older man who needed a new home for his twilight years. Maybe your special pet is a rabbit or a bird or a turtle.

We want to hear about them all, so take a few minutes this weekend to write down what you love most about your pet and how it has enriched your life.

Send your stories to me – Ann Norman, Sun Editor – at Be sure to send a photo of your pet or the two of you, and include the name of your community. Then find your story online. And in your local Sun newspaper next Thursday!

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