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SPARTANBURG — Downtown Spartanburg has a new place to care for its dogs and cats, and it’s the culmination of one owner’s lifelong commitment.

Favorite pet play area The downtown rail trail opened in late 2023 and represents the next logical step for owner Carolyn Cofer.

“I’m a veterinarian. It was always my plan to own my own pet business,” Cofer said.

Cofer grew up in Tennessee and worked as a veterinarian in the state, treating cats and dogs until he moved to Spartanburg County in 2017 and established his own veterinary hospital. Favorite Pet DoctorWhich she is still running today.

Although it wasn’t easy, opening her own daycare facility felt right.

“My whole life the idea of ​​working for someone else was never something I honestly considered,” Cofer said.

The facility offers daycare as well as overnight boarding, a dog wash and a dog park. But Cofer said it’s his and his staff’s commitment to pets that sets them apart.

A wall around the pet’s favorite playground on February 5. The facility was formerly a Cadillac dealership decades ago.

The staff is trained specifically to meet the needs of pets and, because of Coffer’s veterinary background, hygiene and disease prevention are of utmost importance.

Enriching pets with puzzles and games is also a top priority so pets aren’t just doing nothing.

“For some older dogs, women will sit down and just read dog books,” Cofer said. “Making sure they get mental stimulation can be really important to a happy, healthy dog, too.”

It’s not just fun for dogs and cats. Hopefully by April, the daycare’s dog park will have sports television and a bar where dog owners can relax and watch football with a drink while their canines play.

Cofer said it was difficult to establish a business outside of buying the land for the daycare and running his veterinary clinic in Boiling Springs, but the business has been good and he’s happy with the team he’s assembled.

“Nobody can do everything on their own,” he said. “Anyone who tells you they did it all themselves is full of it.”

Now that the business is up and running, Cofer said she’s happy to be able to help Spartanburg’s pets. The county has struggled at times. Adjust his animals.

“I just want to be another part of helping dogs and cats and their people have a better life,” she said. “I want to help people with everything they need to take the best possible care of their pets.”

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