New dog for the new year? Tips for housebreaking

Merry Christmas! I hope everyone is enjoying this wonderful time of peace and love. And, what will you find under your Christmas tree tomorrow? Will it be a new puppy? The Disney movie “Lady and the Tramp” immortalized the new dog in the house on Christmas Eve. If you’re one of the lucky ones who’s decided to start the new year with a dog, today we’re going to share some homemade tips to make the training process easier.

First, remember to be consistent. Just when you think the dog is trained, it will have an accident. Correct it and keep moving forward with positive reinforcement. He will figure it out in time.

A dog has a small bladder. Ideally, it should be taken out every two to four hours. If you are not giving him one-on-one attention, he should sit next to you or in the kennel. If you are on the computer or washing the dishes and he has a chance to wander away from you, he may have an accident. Free roaming privileges are taken away when you can’t keep track of it.

Keeping him in a kennel or pet carrier when you can’t be one-on-one with him is known as crate training. Crate training does not mean leaving your pet in the crate all the time without any interaction. Excessive time in Crete is cruel. Crate is just a tool. Pets should spend most of their time with the family. Socialization is important at an early age.

The carrier should be slightly larger than that so that he can stand up comfortably and turn around and lie down. Keep the newspaper down so it doesn’t get too messy if there’s an accident. If he has an accident in the crate, this punishment is enough, so you don’t need to discipline him. Just take it out and clean it.

Bedtime is a good time to put it in the carrier. If you use the crate regularly, your dog will like it as a safe place. When you are at work, the carrier is also helpful, but you should come home and let it out at lunch. He should not spend more than four hours in the carrier until bedtime. The goal is to reach a point where the crate is no longer needed.

During training, it helps him to feed on schedule. Then you can take it outside immediately after eating and walk it for at least 15 to 30 minutes. This is the maximum time for digested food to accelerate bowel movements. When he has a BM in the grass, leave him there and praise him so he knows that’s where he has to go. If he has an accident inside, scold him and pick up the stool and take him outside. Put it in the grass and show it to him so he knows this is where he needs to go.

Always praise him verbally when you see him go outside in the grass. Often, pet owners complement this with a small treat. This is very helpful, but keep in mind that treatment can get out of hand and, before we know it, our pets are overweight. Once they are housebroken, you can go back to treatment. Proper housebreaking is a reward in itself for the pet. A pet will be happier and have fewer conflicts if it is properly trained as a puppy.

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