Neglected elderly mother’s $2.8 million fortune goes to pets

An old woman inside Shanghai, China Left his $2.8 million fortune to his pets and nothing to his adult children.

The woman, identified only by her last name Leo, originally drafted a will a few years ago in which she left money and property to her three children. South China Morning Post According to a report by Zonglan News.

He eventually changed his mind about the inheritance because his children allegedly did not visit or care for him when he was ill. In the absence of her children, the woman said she was kept company by her dogs and cats.

Leo adjusted his will accordingly and insisted that after he died his money would go towards the welfare of his pets and any of their descendants.

The only problem? According to Chen Kai, an official at the country’s Will Registration Center in Beijing, it is not legal to leave an inheritance to your pets in China. South China Morning Post.

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