Nature Report Pet-safe snowmelt: a 2024 empirical review

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Melting ice is a difficult product to test and evaluate. Some of the most powerful formulas are also some of the harshest and most corrosive. Finding the balance between efficiency and environmental friendliness is not easy. I certainly could have chosen the fastest melting formula, but I value concrete that stays spotless and intact after winter.

Also, finding a formula that is both Safe for pets And safe for children, not to mention lightweight when it comes into contact with concrete, grass and the surrounding environment, was important. I am a dog owner and I also enjoy having a mudroom floor that is not covered in chloride. If you need industrial-strength snowmelt and don’t mind patching outdoor surfaces every couple of seasons, other options are available in bulk buckets, but if you want to protect your lawn, driveway, and pet paws. If you want to, choose a mild but effective alternative.

After testing a number of snow melting products, including pet safe brands, I found this Natural compatibility pet-safe snow melts. came out ahead. As with any ice melt, it is best applied before ice forms, but it still melts pre-formed ice and snow quickly. I tested it on grass, gravel, pavers, and pavement with excellent results on all surfaces.

Natural compatibility of snowmelt: at a glance

Classification: 9/10

A natural bond sitting on icy and snowy cement A jug of pet-safe snow melt. A natural bond sitting on icy and snowy cement A jug of pet-safe snow melt.

Photo: Zach Lazzari for Bob Villa.


  • Quantity: 10, 18, and 35 pound packages
  • Chemical makeup: Uses the proprietary ProtectRx organic formula.
  • Packaging: The 10-pound option comes in a hard plastic container with a spreader lid.


  • Packaging for 10 pounds of product helps melt and spread snow easily in small spaces.
  • Pet-safe formula minimizes concern about impact on dog and cat claws.
  • Made with organic compounds that actually support soil and plant growth.

Cons of

  • Some say that green can leave a temporary stain on surfaces, but it didn’t in our tests
  • Individual pieces of salt are quite large.
  • It is easy to spread large amounts without a spreader lid.

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Natural Report What is snowmelt?

Natural Rapport is a pet-focused company that makes many products for dogs, birds, horses and more. It makes just one snow melt formula, and it’s focused on being pet and people friendly. The signature ingredient is its proprietary ProtectRx organic compound that reduces corrosive properties in melting snow.

Corrosion is a major problem with ice melting products. It can eat holes in metal, concrete and other hard surfaces. It is also generally hard on lawns, roads and infrastructure. The ProtectRx organic compound is designed to reduce corrosive activity and prevent damage when the product comes into contact with organic materials such as grass and flower beds, and actually helps.

I observed the product as well as other brands and noted that it melts snow and ice faster. My dog ​​walked on snow melt with no reaction and his paws never got irritated. I love green because it’s easy to see on the ground and I always knew when it was time to add more. My testing environment had single-digit temperatures and plenty of snow and ice. The Natural Report product kept my walkways free of snow during the lowest temperatures.

How to Use Natural Report Ice Melt

Applying any snow melting product is relatively easy. Ideally, you can spread the snowmelt over a clear surface before the storm hits. Many snow melting products are packaged in buckets or heavy duty bags. You can store them in a garage or covered area to prevent contact with moisture. Large volume options for Natural Report also come in bucket versions.

I used the 10-pound product size, which comes in a hard plastic container. The container has a convenient handle, so it is easy to carry. The round screw top lid can be removed completely if desired, but for easy access, open the hinged part of the lid. There are a series of slots to distribute the product easily and evenly.

Many snow melting products come in bulk containers with no expansion system. Although using a simple cup is sufficient, the spreader lid and 10-pound contents were very convenient. The label says 10 pounds of snow melt can cover 500 square feet. I only needed about 100 square feet of coverage for problem areas and pores, and I had plenty of product left after the initial use and continued to apply as needed every couple of days.

Snow and Snow Melting on Sidewalks Natural Information Pet Safe Snow Melting Snow and Snow Melting on Sidewalks Natural Information Pet Safe Snow Melting

Photo: Zach Lazzari for Bob Villa.

How well does Natural Report prevent snow accumulation?

This product’s minimal corrosion properties and pet-safe makeup are fantastic. However, it is still about melting snow. Snow accumulation is dangerous, and buyers are looking for a product that will prevent falls and help manage areas where snow builds up continuously during the colder months.

As mentioned, I experienced this during a very cold winter. It snowed for several days and went through the cycle of snow freezing for several more days. I used snow melt on concrete paths, pavers and grass. I even spread some on a snow-covered piece of plywood to see the results.

The ice melt worked surprisingly quickly and was on par with the fastest melting brands I’ve tested. This also lasted for a few days at a time. Large grains seem to persist for a while before everything else dissolves. Ultimately, it kept my problem areas free of ice and served the intended purpose.

Some reviews mention staining, which is noticeable. Melting snow adds a green tint for visibility, but I didn’t see any green spots on the back. If you have any stains, they should be washed off with a hose or pressure washer after the winter is over.

Is Natural Report worth the snowmelt?

Overall, the price is competitive with similar products. About $25 seems to be the sweet spot for 8- to 12-pound containers of snow melt. Most brands also come in bulk and prices are relative. Those with a large driveway or large area to keep clear of snow may want to consider a 35-pound bucket.

I feel that Natural compatibility pet-safe snow melts. Well worth the money for anyone living in areas where snow is plentiful. Falls are a serious health problem and liability for businesses. Using this snow melter can help prevent slippage while maintaining a safe walking and driving environment. Additionally, the peace of mind that comes from knowing it’s easy on pets and the environment makes it worth buying over many other ice melt brands.

Should You Natural Report Snow Melt?

If you have pets, lawn, garden, or flooring, this is a great product for you. This can give you the confidence to walk outside without slipping on ice. This is especially useful on stairs and walkways where there is a lot of foot traffic.

I really liked using Natural Report Ice Melt, but it was far from the only effective and eco-friendly option. There are several other brands worth considering, which we cover in our own. Excellent snow melt. leader. Check it out for full test results and other brands that work well.

Green Gobbler Pet Safe Snow Melts Worked very well and had similar appeal. gave Snow which enviro mixture He was also a great actor. Redmond Ice Slicer Uses a natural formula especially for people with sensitive pets and children. It has no color, which can make it a bit invisible. The reverse is a lack of stain and residue. This is definitely another brand worth trying.

When you start shopping for snow melting products, the options quickly become overwhelming. Focus on those with positive reviews and eco-friendly formulas. Natural Report pet-safe snow melt is a leader in the field, and there are many others to try as well.

Get a natural report on pet-safe snow melt:

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