National Pet Day 2024: When and What is it?

Pets have a magical way of making every day a special celebration, so it’s only fair that they get at least one day when we appreciate them. National Pet Day is celebrated on April 11 every year.Giving pet parents the perfect excuse to pamper their cats, dogs, birds and other pets, big or small.

How can you plan and prepare for this once-in-a-year holiday? With this detailed look at National Pet Day 2023 you can make it a memorable occasion for you and your favorite feline.

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When is National Pet Day?

National Pet Day takes place every year on April 11, and has been since 2006 when Colleen Page founded the holiday. Along with National Pet Day, the renowned author and animal activist has established National Cat Day, National Dog Day, National Puppy Day, and several other pet-focused events to raise awareness for animals in need.

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What is National Pet Day?

Cat lovers aren’t the only pet parents who can enjoy an April 11 celebration. While more than a quarter of American households include at least one cat, many other proud parents care for dogs, lizards, birds, snakes, rats, and countless other creatures.

Since 2006, the holiday’s popularity has increased its global recognition, and you can now find it in many countries that celebrate it, including Italy, Great Britain, Spain, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand.

Why do we celebrate National Pet Day?

About two-thirds of Americans have experienced the value of pet ownership. Although they are an ongoing investment, the costs rarely outweigh the benefits these pets provide to our emotional, social and physical health. Some of the many positive aspects of pet ownership include:

  • Decreased loneliness and depressive symptoms
  • Better sleep
  • Lower cholesterol and triglyceride levels.
  • Relief from anxiety, stress and PTSD
  • Faster cognitive functioning

More than anything else, the human-animal bond provides meaning to pet owners. Cats are not pets but close family members who provide comfort while providing purpose and compelling reasons to smile, socialize and be active.

Helping others realize these benefits by promoting National Pet Day will improve their lives and the lives of the animals they adopt. The ASPCA says more than 3 million cats enter shelters annually, either by owner surrender or as strays. 1.

Only two-thirds of them find new homes, while more than 500,000 face euthanasia. Although numbers have steadily declined in recent decades, ongoing efforts like National Pet Day will be instrumental in making pet homelessness a thing of the past.

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How can we celebrate National Pet Day?

National Pet Day is a time to promote animals who need loving families and to appreciate those who have found their forever homes. Pets or no pets, all animal lovers can find ways to celebrate the holiday. Here are some ways cat lovers can make this National Pet Day memorable.

1. Plan a special day at home

Plan a day of play and togetherness for you and your cat to reward them with extra love. Start the day with games and toys, and end the night with your favorite cat-themed movie. If your cat is a music lover, set up a playlist of favorites or treat their ears to soothing sounds of cat-specific music to help them relax.

2. Shop for your pet.

Do you need a new collar or cat tree? National Pet Day is the perfect time to snag an exceptional deal on products your cat will love. With the holiday growing in popularity, many online and brick-and-mortar retailers offer incredible sales to celebrate. Some are only for one day, and some last until the end of April.

3. Make homemade treats or toys

Arts and crafts enthusiasts don’t have to spend a dime to treat their cats to new and exciting items. Take the day to make your pet’s favorite DIY toys, such as feather sticks, puzzle toys, hiding places, and cardboard scratching pads. If you’re more of a baker than a builder, hone your culinary creativity by whipping up some delicious and nutritious treats just for the cat.

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4. Promote the day on social media.

Since it’s not an official national holiday, many of us work on National Pet Day, precluding any plans for blowout celebrations. Yet, even the busiest of us can take a few seconds to make the day meaningful. Nothing beats a quick shout out on social media to promote awareness.

You can get on Facebook, X, Instagram, and anyone. Other social media accounts To share a #NationalPetDay message or pictures of your cat to get everyone in your network thinking about the cause. Local cat shelters may also have events or promotions that you can share to raise their profile and help any potential pet owners take action to adopt.

5. Volunteer at your local cat shelter.

after the Pampering your cat at homeYou can go the extra mile to help all the pets at your local shelter. From cage cleaners to front desk receptionists, non-profit shelters always have multiple positions to fill.

They can also take donations like homemade food and toys if you don’t have time to lend. With your help, shelters can improve the environment for cats and improve their chances of finding a loving home.

6. Schedule a doctor’s appointment

While your cat will likely never call for a visit to the vet, using National Pet Day as a reminder to consider your pet’s health will ensure that they live many years to come. Stay tuned to celebrate.

You can schedule an appointment or refill your cat’s medications and supplements. Better yet, purchase a high-value pet insurance plan to ensure that you and your cat can survive even the most serious accident or illness.

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Final thoughts

Our cats bring light and love to our homes, and it’s important to recognize that value at least one day a year. April 11 is an opportunity to recognize National Pet Day. The relationship between animals and humans that enriches the lives of both parties. and around them. Mark your calendars, and plan the perfect celebration to show your cats how much you appreciate their presence.

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