Muskegon nonprofit is giving away igloos to dogs, supplies for pets in need

MUSKEGON COUNTY, MI – Pet owners struggling to provide shelter and essential supplies for their furry friends this winter will be able to get help from a local nonprofit.

Operation Soloan organization in Muskegon County dedicated to providing the best possible care for local pets, is providing more than 30 igloos and other equipment throughout the cold months.

Its goal is to provide shelter, food, leashes, collars, bowls, ID tags, and toys to families who need extra help and to improve the quality of care for outdoor dogs.

Founder Kendra Bosse launched the organization in July 2023 months after losing Solo, a dog she helped care for at Pound Buddies, a Muskegon animal shelter.

Bose said she cared for Solo, who had been outside his entire life, until just under a year before his death in March 2023 due to aggression issues.

“It was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done because it wasn’t his fault,” she told MLive/Muskegon Chronicle. “He was my inspiration. I know there are dogs out there, and I want to help improve the quality of care because he came from a bad situation and I don’t want people to forget that.

As Solo is used to being outside, Bose decides to provide him with a dog igloo and it becomes the best way to take care of him.

He said he began following the Detroit-based organization closely. Dog assistantwhich was known for offering dog houses to outdoor pets in need for over 12 years.

Within a few months, Operation Solo officially launched with an open pantry for people to stock up on anything dog-related. He said that the igloos themselves were not launched until recently.

“We put it out there and we’re like, ‘We know there are dogs out there, so let’s help you,'” Bose told MLive. “We started talking to people, asking questions and spending time with the dogs. We don’t just go in there and drop off stuff. The goal is to educate owners and improve the quality of care.”

An important fact that pet owners should know is the difference between straw and hay, he said. Although grass can absorb water, straw wicks away moisture and keeps the dog’s body temperature regulated.

Inside the igloo, dogs can stay comfortable and warm with the straw bedding without worrying about the blanket freezing and causing health problems.

Pictured is Solo, the shelter dog who inspired it all, along with her caretaker Kendra Bose, founder of Operation Solo. (Photo provided to MLLive by Kendra Bos)

Bose said that while the igloo keeps the animals warm during the winter months, they also help as it gets warmer outside.

“I didn’t know that aglo actually helps dogs regulate their temperature in the summer,” she said. “So, we’ll hopefully continue as long as we can. I just want all the dogs to be protected and for everyone to know what we have for them.

Operation Solo is accepting donations of Aglow and other essential supplies via their Facebook page or email.

Donors can also view the organization’s Amazon Wish List. Here To support the cause.

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