More than 2 out of 3 pet owners believe they have adopted themselves as a pet.

Two-thirds of Americans say their pet is a four-legged version of themselves, according to new research.

A survey of 2,000 dog and cat owners revealed that 65 percent believe they have adopted them as pets because of their striking resemblance.

Four in 10 (38%) said they share personality traits or hobbies – including long walks (67%) and car rides (57%) to share a love of peanut butter. are

Both respondents and their pets dislike mornings (32%) and spend their time sleeping in patches of sunlight (24%).

A third (34%) believe they share physical characteristics with their pet – whether it’s the same eye color (61%), the same overall size (54%) or the same hair and fur. style (54%).

Cat owners were more likely to say they “adopted themselves as pets” than dog owners (70% vs. 63%).

Despite this, dog owners felt that there were more striking similarities between them and their pets—both in terms of physical characteristics (36% vs. 29% for cat owners) and personality (42% vs. 35% for owners of

Conducted and commissioned by OnePoll twenty powsthe survey found that respondents and their pets are so similar, they have the same New Year’s resolutions for 2024.

The poll revealed that 58% worry about their own health as much as they do about their pet’s health – and 25% admit they worry more about their pet’s health. are

Almost half have made a resolution for themselves (44%) or their pet (46%) – of both (32%), the vast majority (90%) said it was for them and their loved ones. There will be a single resolution for a friend. .

Respondents and their pets will focus on getting more exercise (71%), less treats (71%) and eating healthier (64%) in 2024.

They will also work to spend more time outside this coming year (59%) and take better care of their health (58%).

“As we enter 2024, many people are thinking about ways to get healthier – so why shouldn’t we have the same goals for our four-legged friends?” said Anna Scaya, CEO of Bespaws. “Nutrition and exercise are just as important to a pet’s health as they are to you, and should be a focus beyond January 1. Resolutions are a great way to set some initial goals, but on Must stay up. Top of them all year round.”

When it comes to their health, 58% are as concerned about their own health as they are about their pet’s health – and 25% admit they are more concerned about their pet’s health. are more concerned about

This concern is because respondents know less about their pets’ family history than they do about their own (63%), and they don’t know what diseases their pets may be prone to (62%).

Not only that, but half of the pet owners surveyed don’t know what preventative care they should be taking for their pets, while the rest are unsure of their pet’s health history (39%). ) know less than

And 26% do not know how to spot the early signs of various diseases in their four-legged friend.

The survey found that respondents and their pets are so similar, they have the same New Year’s resolutions for 2024.

That said, 72% wish they could do more to ensure their pets lead healthy lives—with cat owners slightly more likely to agree (77 % vs. 70% of dog owners).

“This research further emphasizes the unbreakable bond between pets and their people. Humans are able to predict and prepare for certain health problems by understanding their DNA, and the same is true for four-legged people. It does,” said Scaya. “Understanding your pet’s unique DNA does more than just know what breed they are — it gives you insight into the predisposition to certain health problems. can and can help you take better care of them.”

What personality traits do people share with their pets?

  • Taking long walks – 67%
  • Hiking – 57%
  • Going for a car ride – 57%
  • Spending time at the beach – 51%
  • Love Peanut Butter – 50%
  • Morning Dislike – 32%
  • Dislike of changes in routine – 30%
  • Enjoying treatment – 28%
  • Taking a nap in the sunlight – 24%
  • Dislike of new people or animals in my place – 23%

What resolutions do people and their pets have in common for 2024?

  • Exercising more – 71%
  • Treatment reduction – 71%
  • Healthy eating – 64%
  • Spending more time outdoors – 59%
  • Taking better care of our health – 58%

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