More than 100 referrals were made to local pet owners during the freeze.

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — Now that our first freeze of the season has passed, some local residents are now dealing with the consequences of leaving their pets outside in the cold.

Miguel Escobar, with Animal care services During the freezing temperatures, more than one hundred citations were issued after each situation was reviewed and the pet was released.

“So in total, since our active patrol, we received seven hundred calls in that time frame alone,” Escobar said. “Most of the calls were for cold-weather conditions of animals that were outside unattended.”

He described how animal care services determined whether weather conditions were safe for pets.

“Always be aware of the ordinance and also know that animal control is going to operate at ambient temperatures,” Escobar said. “So, the limits are going to be 50 degrees to make sure the animals outside have comfortable bedding to stay warm. And then at 32 degrees or less, the animals are unsupervised. Can’t stay out.”

“Having an animal really makes a difference in times like these,” she said. Not only for animals but also for animal care services when they receive animal arrivals.

“We were able to take out a total of 29 animals for fostering and we had about a hundred and fifty animals come into our care,” Escobar said.

Kylie Osteen, a regular at Animal Care Services, came to give another animal a temporary home from dire conditions before freezing.

“It was to bring him up this time, to get him out of the freezer,” Osteen said. “There are so many puppies at the shelter that are stuck outside. So just get him to a warm, safe, loving home.”

Although many people are currently facing punishments, there were some positive results last week.

Sarah Spence at the Gulf Coast Humane Society told 3News that compared to last year’s winter, the shelter only had to step up to care for a few animals.

“Animal control, they pulled over, they did what they had to do,” Spence said. “They’ve helped a lot. That’s actually the least number of dogs we’ve boarded during the winter. We actually only had two which is amazing. I believe we had over ten last year. So they did great, they did. Their job and they made it a lot easier for us.”

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