More foster parents for pets are needed.

BISMARCK, ND (KFYR) – Pet foster parents are people who take in an animal for a short period of time. For shelters like Furry Friends Rockin’ Rescue, volunteers play an important role in the rescue’s care. But they say they are struggling to find enough people to help in that capacity.

Tana Solberg started volunteering with Furry Friends Rockin’ Rescue about a year ago after her dog died. She said being able to help pets helped her heal after her loss. Right now she is raising Noel, who came to live with her after the dog was hit by a car and surrendered at the shelter.

“We’re getting surrender requests, multiple a day. People who have phone numbers, they get non-stop phone calls from people looking for animals, people dumping animals,” Solberg said. said

Lauren Zoller has been fostering cats through Furry Friends for about two years. She said pet parents are important because their homes can provide a place for pets to heal physically and emotionally. This gives them a chance to just be pets instead of being in survival mode.

“They’re very important to us. They’re the backbone, I would say, of how we can help animals,” Zoller said.

On a logistical level, pet parents also help shelters because they can help free up space inside the shelter to feed new animals, Zoeller said.

It’s easy to think that people hesitate to adopt because it would be heartbreaking to grow attached to an animal and then let it go. However, both Solberg and Zoeller said they know that by fostering they help more pets than if they were adopters.

For more details on fostering pets, visit Furry Friends’ website. They also have a list of animals available for adoption.

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