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The Moody Duvet Report is thrilled to bring you the latest edition of our pet personality profile column, in association with Tatoo’s Handcrafted Vodka.

In this regularly entertaining feature, we explore more about the personalities of travel retail pets, their backstories, traits and habits, as well as offering some insights into their owners. Each pet’s personality is digitally painted by pet and horse artist Sami Moody.

In this edition we meet JCDecaux.* Managing Director India Frederick Braun and Moka, a young Boston terrier who stole her heart through a shop window.

Name + Nickname: Moka

Generation: The Boston Terrier.

How old is Moka? She is seven years old.

A birthday treat for a young Moka

How did you meet? I met Moka in Mexico. Every day on my way home from the office in Mexico City, I pass by the Mascota pet store. And every day I will see this beautiful baby Boston Terrier. And then one night, after a nice meal with clients, I finally told myself that if she was still there, she would come home with me… and she was.

Was it love at first sight? Oh yes, of course.

Catching the last rays of the sun

Does Moka have any weird habits? Moka loves the sun and likes to take a nap when the sun goes down.

Funniest and/or best moment? One of Moka’s funniest moments is the day she was chasing a small cat. She was so excited that she jumped the railing between us and our neighbors and got stuck there.

Best (adorable) friends forever: Moka with Oreo and (below) posing with Frederick.

She loves to play with other pets, especially her ‘sister’ Oreo, a small Shih Tzu who joined our family two years ago. They are a great pair, almost like yin and yang, together in and out of riot.

And Moka’s favorite trick and treat? His moves always involve a ball or a toy. And the treatment? Moka doesn’t have a sweet tooth, but loves carrots and chicken. Never say both.

Social media account? no not yet. However, it has its own album on the iPhone Photos app so I think this could be the start of one.

If Moka could talk, what would his first word be? It is easy. the meal.

Favorite airport/airline? Moka has traveled quite well, flying with Air France from Mexico to Paris and then here to Bangalore when I moved from the JCDecaux office in Mexico City in 2020. It was a long journey for her, but she was good. Passenger and would probably rate Air France much higher if she could.

‘Sister’ time for Moka and Oreo

Anything else we should know? Moka loves taking care of Oreo. I think she feels like a mother with him. She is very protective even though Oreo ‘bites’ her to play. Moka wasn’t keen on him at all at first and would try to ignore him… and then come back and ‘bite’ him laughingly too.

They are both great company and definitely very beloved members of our family.

*JCDecaux is the world’s number one outdoor advertising company. ✈

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