MAS will impound pets without proper shelter during a cold blast.

Memphis, Tenn. Memphis Animal Services is urging pet owners to bring their animals indoors as snow and dangerously cold temperatures blast the Mid-South.

Director Ty Coleman said animal control officers will seize dogs left in the cold without shelter as required by law. That said, your dog should have access to an insulated, solid three-sided doghouse.

Last winter a pet owner was provided with straw by All 4s Dog Rescue.

“It can’t be freezing inside. If we ever have to go out and test and use the temperature gun, it can’t be below freezing in the doghouse,” Coleman said. Or add grass to protect them from freezing compared to blankets. If that blanket gets wet, that blanket will hold the water and freeze.”

Coleman said the shelter is currently at maximum capacity, and he expects an increase in impounded animals as temperatures drop into the teens and single digits. MAS is asking people to adopt, foster or claim a lost pet to free up space in kennels.

“We’re always looking for temporary fosters. If they can only foster for a few days, it gives us time to keep the dog longer,” Coleman said.

Some long-haired dogs enjoy extreme cold, but short-haired breeds can’t handle cold temperatures and must stay warm, Coleman said.

“The best way to do that is to bring them in, and if they’re unable to roam freely, they’re not housetrained, at least put them in the bathroom for a little bit at night. Nighttime is the coldest. happens, and we really want to see these pets happy and healthy,” he said.

This weekend, MAS will provide doghouses to pet owners who have no other options for their animals. You can also request a dog house while supplies last.

Coleman also reminds drivers to be on the lookout for cats sheltering from the cold in their car engines.

“It’s a hot spot,” Coleman said. Before you start your car, tap on your hood to wake them up and scare them and get them out from under that hood,” Coleman said.

To view the dogs and cats available at MAS or to learn more about adopting or fostering an animal, Click here.

Memphis Animal Services is open Saturday and Sunday, 12-4 p.m., and Monday-Friday, 1-6 p.m. They are located at 2350 Appling City Cove.

For more cold weather safety tips for animals, visit

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