Man Caught on Camera Makes Big Pet-Sitting Mistake

Cats are timid, independent animals willing to do anything in their power to benefit them. And for one cat, he took advantage of the opportunity while his owner’s brother-in-law was pet-watching.

In a ___ Tick ‚Äč‚Äčtock The video, which was shared on the account on October 3, was captured by an indoor camera as the sister-in-law was leaving the house. He had his mug in hand, ready to start the day, but not without saying goodbye to the many animals.Symbol of a pet sitter.

While he may be a pet sitter, he’s not necessarily the most attentive, at least in this case. gave An orange cat named Groot. He saw the door open and slipped behind the man’s legs before closing it to get out.

In the video, the dog and another cat can be seen confused as to how the rooster got free so easily. One TikTok viewer pointed out in the comments section: “I love other animals looking like, ‘Oh? Did he seriously just drown?'”

Another TikTok user added: “Clearly, there’s a lot going on with him deciding he’s the only one. Air tag

Don’t worry, the cat is safe and sound. In an updated video, wrote, “He (sister-in-law) found the cat eating grass when he turned around. Chased him around the yard to catch him. Groot. The orange cat is safe. His Life is about escape.”

Newsweek reached out via TikTok for comment.

Why do indoor cats try to escape?

Indoor cats live life. They never have to worry about the weather, food is guaranteed, and yet many chickens always try to escape. This may be due to their genetic desire to protect their territory, according to The Spruce Pets, which offers tips and training advice to help people care for their pets.

Cats like to mark their territory by spraying urine, and for them, their home and outdoor space is theirs. They may also attempt large escapes to find out what other threats are in or around their area.

It’s almost impossible to stop cats from running out the door because it’s instinct. Instead, you can make their escape route unpleasant. The Spruce Pets says on its website that owners can try putting foil around the door, odor repellants or cat repellants. Instead, you can provide your cat with alternatives such as a cat tree or table top to see the outside environment.

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A timid orange cat named Groot escaped through the front door while his owner’s brother-in-law was watching him and other pets.
Roy/Getty Images