Make helping pets part of your holiday tradition!

This time of year, we enjoy spending time with family and friends while spreading joy and holiday spirit. It’s time to appreciate what you have and give back to others.

Pets living in Animal Rescue League of Iowa (ARL) doesn’t have families to celebrate the holidays with yet. You can help them feel warm and cozy this holiday season by donating a special gift.

The tree of life

ARL’s annual Tree of Life event is an opportunity to leave gifts for homeless pets under the tree. These gifts can range from toys to treats to anything that allows the shelter to care for the animals every day.

If you are looking for unique gift ideas, Here is a list of updated items Pets needed at ARL.

There are several ways you can donate, so choose what works best for you and make an impact in the lives of animals this holiday season.

Bring a gift

When you have your gift ready, you can place it under the tree at one of the ARLs. Drop off locations In the Des Moines metro or on the ARL main campus:

Animal Rescue League of Iowa

5452 NE 22nd St.

Des Moines, IA 50313-2528

Shop online for gifts.

You can go to ARL. Amazon or The chewer Create a wish list and select an item you’d like to donate, which will be shipped directly to ARL.

Feeding pets with a monetary donation

Instead of bringing a bag of food, consider making a monetary donation to Complete Bells Food Fund. ARL’s partnerships with Hill’s Food, the Shelter and Love Program and Oxbow allow ARL to purchase large quantities of food for the shelter, which means every dollar goes further.

Changes in lives throughout the year

ARL offers many services to benefit homeless animals and our community. Services include:

  • Adoption Services
  • A pet helpline that works with pet owners to provide solutions to challenges and help keep families together.
  • Dog training classes
  • A pet food pantry that helps provide quality food to pet owners who are struggling to feed their pets due to financial constraints.
  • Crisis care for pet owners dealing with difficulties due to domestic violence, hospitalization, medical treatment, military leave, natural disaster, or housing issues.
  • Help with microchipping and lost pets

you can come Learn how to donate money or food, volunteer to help animals in your area, adopt an animal, find pet ownership tips, and more!

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