Love-A-Lot Bear, Jerrica, and Stormer – WBKB 11

This episode of Pets of the Week features three adoptable cats from the Huron Humane Society. Love-A-Lot Bear, Jerrica, and Stormer. Each of these kittens’ personalities are as unique as their looks and are thrilled to be adopted into a loving home.

First we have the Love-A-Lot Bear. Despite his cute name, he is actually a cat and not a bear. This sweet girl has a big heart, and is excited to be your snuggle buddy. When we interrupted Love-A-Lot Bear during his nap time and TV time, he still took a second to say hello and show off his green eyes.

After Love-A-Lot Bear, we get to know Jerrica. Jerica is an outgoing and friendly cat who loves to pet, play and cuddle. She is a calico cutie with a unique tricolor coat and piercing green eyes to go with it. While she is beautiful on the inside, she is a gem on the inside and loves to hang out, hang out and hang out with her friends.

Finally we have Stormer. Stormer is a playful gentleman who loves toys. Luckily, he took the time to get some pets and belly rubs from his caterpillar. He has a beautiful gray coat with stripes and spots and his fur is extremely soft.

All three cats are currently staying at the Huron Humane Society until they are reunited with their families. If you are interested in adopting them, or any other beautiful animal at The Huron Humane Society, be sure to visit them at 3510 Woodward Ave in Alpena, or call them at 989-356-4794.

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