Looking for your dog? Lost pets collected with donations at Montgomery County Animal Care and Control.

Clarksville, TN (Clarkville now) – Montgomery County Animal Care and Control Several pets have been received that have since become homeless. Clarksville tornado on Saturday and they are seeking donations for animals and those affected.

“We started taking in homeless animals Saturday evening right after the storm,” said David Kaske, director of animal control. “We’ve taken in about 14 animals, mainly dogs, and we’ve already reunited some of them with their owners.”

The shelter is at capacity due to the numbers coming in, and people are encouraged to check with Animal Control to see if they are missing missing pets. They are also accepting donations from the community for wet and dry food, blankets, towels and washcloths, water bowls and cat litter.

The Nashville Humane Society is supporting the shelter by donating items for Montgomery County animals and people. They are also picking up pets to relocate, in an effort to make room at MCCC. “The support we have received so far has been great,” Kaske said. “We’ve had a lot of people asking what we need and what people in the community need.”

As of Monday, animal control officers were having trouble getting into the affected areas. “The traffic and congestion was so bad last day that two of our officers were stuck for over an hour and a half,” Kaske said Tuesday. “We’re hoping today that we’ll be able to access some of the areas we didn’t go into yesterday.”

Free microchipping

MCACC will also provide free microchipping to pets this week at the shelter and in affected areas of Montgomery County, including Taneytown, Tylertown, West Creek, Sandpiper, Burton Springs and Butts Lane. “Our adoption coordinator will be out with the vehicle today, scanning the microchips and giving out food for those who can’t make it to the shelter,” Kaske said.

If you have found a lost pet, complete. Found a pet Report on the MCACC website. You can also collect Lost pets Report or stop by the shelter to check in person.

gave shelter He is at 616 North Spring St. For more information, call the shelter at 931-648-5750.

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