Little Instigator Natalie: Huntington’s Adaptable Pet of the Week

HUNTINGTON, NY — Natalie, a 4-month-old gray and white kitten, is the Grateful Paw Cat Shelter’s Huntington Pet of the Week.

“She’s another case of a kitten born in a colony that clearly doesn’t belong,” said sanctuary president Debbie Larkin. “Natalie came to us in October this year with another sibling…but no.
From the same mother.”


He and his sibling Nathan spent several weeks in a foster home before being treated. They went to Gateful Paw Thanksgiving weekend.

“Nathan was adopted a few days later but Natalie was so timid and overwhelmed when she was placed in the room that she was ignored,” Larkin said.

Natalie was born with an orthopedic anomaly in her front legs that gave her a slightly bowed appearance. The difference has “obviously corrected itself,” Larkin said, as she’s grown and doesn’t affect her mobility or comfort.

“If you look at her now, she looks very small and she has short legs, but boy can she run!” Larkin said. “Good luck trying to catch her if she’s having her ‘zoomy’ moment.”

According to Larkin, Natalie really came out of her shell last week. She is not hiding.
Under the cubes or in the condo. She takes the top perch on the condo so she can watch the birds and squirrels and all the traffic going in and out of the 7-Eleven parking lot through the window.

“If everyone else in the room is resting quietly, Natalie decides to start trouble,” Larkin said. “She’ll wave at the others to wake them up. If she backs off, the fun begins. If they ignore her, she runs to find her squishy ball, pops it into her mouth. I pick up and run after everyone to get their attention. She’s a little instigator. She’s always running up to volunteers and guests because she wants to be picked up and snuggled up with you. Go. You’ll always get a ‘head bop’ or a ‘nose kiss.’ And she likes to look out the bedroom door to see what’s going on in the hallway. The only problem with her is that she looks like She stands on her tiptoes to reach. Quite a sight to behold.”

Natalie, a 4-month-old baby girl, is the Huntington Pet of the Week. (Courtesy of Paw Cat Shelter)

If you are interested in meeting Natalie, you can call the shelter at 631-757-4517, email, visit the Facebook page or the Grateful Paw Cat Shelter can go.

The rescue is at 3 Verleye Ave., East Northport and visiting hours are Tuesday through Sunday from noon to 4 p.m.

The shelter is open Thursday nights from 7 to 9 p.m. only for those who can’t make it during the day.

“This pint-sized kitten would love to find a forever home for Santa for the holidays,” Larkin said. “She’ll love another playmate but that’s not a requirement. She’s proven she’s fearless and has a lot of love to give, so why don’t you come meet her so she can show you and you.” Be able to show him what “a real home with a family looks like.”

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