LG unveils robot that will watch over your pets

by: Nick Gambino

Ahead of CES 2024, which is being held in Las Vegas from January 9 to 12, LG unveils a new AI robot. Designed to perform a ton of household tasks, including taking care of your pets. They are calling it AI Agent.

The two-legged robot was built with Qualcomm’s robotics RB5 platform, allowing for a wide range of functions. It wheels around the house and deploys its camera, sensors and speakers to scan the work being done. Of course, it is limited, but it monitors temperature, air quality and other environmental conditions and turns devices on and off accordingly. It most likely only turns off things that are smart enabled. I can’t imagine it could turn the stove knob or reach it based on its size.

It performs its duties whether people are at home or not. It will send alerts directly to your phone if it detects a problem like an open window or a stove that’s been left on, or even when it detects motion when it shouldn’t.

The LG robot doesn’t just interact with stationary objects and devices. It also interacts with living people. Equipped with software that allows it to recognize faces and voices, it becomes not just a protector but a companion. It will greet you when you come home and engage in conversation thanks to natural language processing.

The AI ​​agent will also try its best to engage with you on an emotional level, scanning your emotions and playing mood-based music after detecting them. They even designed it to display different currencies to reflect the mood they created.

Built-in sensors and cameras make it a great way to keep an eye on your dog, cat or other pets. It’s not entirely clear if it does anything but keep an eye on your pet. There is no mention of feeding your dog.

“The AI ​​agent can also act as a pet monitor and security guard, giving users the ability to remotely monitor and care for their pets and if someone is in danger,” the press release said. Can send alerts if unusual activity is detected.”

We will have a better idea of ​​his capabilities when they bring him. CES in a couple of weeks.

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