Letters from readers: Becoming a Rubik’s Cube master and memories with pets

William Wong Kaew (age 12), Pentecostal School

Playing Rubik’s Cube is my hobby. It’s fun and exciting. When I was younger, I would watch my brother play Rubik’s Cube, so I asked him to let me try it. Then, I learned different skills and algorithms to solve it. Now, I can solve it in seven seconds. While playing the Rubik’s Cube, I feel relaxed and have a great sense of accomplishment. People always think that solving Rubik’s Cube is difficult, but it is not. Learning is easy on Google and YouTube. However, if you want a better cube, you’ll need to buy an expensive one at around HK$100 to HK$600.

Are you a Rubik’s Cube expert like William? Photo: Shutterstock

Joanna Li Yui-nga (age 11), Dr. Catherine F. Memorial School

We had the cutest pet ever named Ebony. She is very cute, with big black ears, big bug eyes, a small face, and black fur. My favorite memory is how our cat would come up to the cage and run along the edge. It was like a game for the two animals, as Ebony ran with him. Then they would kiss each other’s faces and whisper to each other. Watching a kitten and a chinchilla play with each other is so cute. They were not afraid of each other and did not try to hurt each other. They were best friends. I want to have more pets in the future.

Joanna Li Yui-Nga has many fond memories with her pet chinchilla, Ebony. Image: Handout

Satara Ya Hui Ching (age 9), Sacred Heart Kenosian School Private Section

I joined a pottery class at school this year and it’s fun! Everyone in the pottery class was playing with clay. We all made a cat plate, mine is white with pink eyes. The teacher also took a picture of 3 groups, each group has 5 people. We all enjoy every lesson.

My favorite lesson so far was when we applied transparent paint to our beloved cat’s plate. It was so much fun! Now I put my plate in a box.

You should try pottery, it’s really enjoyable and fun.

You can even paint your dishes when you’re done! Photo: Shutterstock
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