Last chance to protect your pets and home before winter storms

SAN ANGELO – As West Central Texas prepares for an upcoming harsh winter, it’s important for residents to take proactive steps to protect themselves, their homes and their pets. With temperatures expected to drop significantly, ensuring the well-being of outdoor pets becomes a top priority. In Texas, chaining an animal outdoors is now a criminal offense, emphasizing the need for responsible pet ownership. Pet owners are encouraged to bring their outdoor pets indoors to protect them from extreme cold and provide a warm and safe environment.

Also, homeowners should prepare their residences for several days of below-freezing temperatures. Steps must be taken to prevent frozen pipes. Leaking faucets and opening cabinets to expose pipes on exterior walls can help reduce the risk of frozen plumbing. Additionally, it is advisable to ensure that all external tanks are full of gas or that electric vehicles are fully charged before extreme cold. This proactive approach ensures that residents are well-equipped to navigate the challenges posed by extreme weather conditions and maintain essential services during the winter.

By taking these precautions and staying informed about weather updates, residents can fortify their homes and protect their pets, creating a safer and more resilient community in the face of the cold weather ahead. can.

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