Labradoodle wins belly of the week with special ‘happy dance’ after meal

For our finale Newsweek Pet of the Week Lineup 2023, we have a festive and fun video of a toddler who loves to dance.

We’ve seen a lot of reader fur babies this year. NewsweekPet of the week. Joe from the dog Zeus Whispers like Huma.n to one Adrenaline junkie ferret And wearing a dog A traffic cone on his head.

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Blossom, who lives in Arizona with owner Lisa Alopogenis, and is this week’s Newsweek Pet of the Week.
Lisa Allopogenis/Getty Images

our Pet of the week Blossom, a tiny Labradoodle who does a wonderful happy dance while waiting for her dinner.

Blossom will be 3 years old in April, living in Gilbert, Arizona with owner Lisa Allopogenis.

“He is pure joy,” Allopogenes explained Newsweek. “She loves people and one of our favorite things to do together is sit in nature and take it all in.”

Blossom’s owner said she was one of the happiest dogs she had ever met, and was a joy to live with. “My sister thinks (blossom) is part human,” she laughed.

In an adorable video shared with NewsweekBlossom shows off her moves with a “happy dance” that her owner says is most of her day.

“She does her happy dance often,” he said. “Usually after dinner or a tasty Pup Cup treat.”


Pictures of the Dachshund puppy Schnitzie that are part of this week’s Pet of the Week lineup.
Diane Creasy

Our first finalist this week is Schnitzie, a Dachshund puppy about 5 months old.

Schnitzie lives in California with owner Diane Creasy and three other pets, including another dog and two cats.

“She’s extremely intelligent and independent, even for a doxie,” Sissy said Newsweek.

“I got Schnitzie in September, and look,” he said. “He’s the type of dachshund who doesn’t want to be held or cuddled; he wants to hunt the hell out of cats and chickens.”

The adorable hell-raising dachshund is often found hanging out with other animals, and his owner explained how “smart and cute” the pup is.

Kira Lucia
Chihuahua Kira Lucia who is loved by her owner for her “unique” look and personality.
Debbie Purvis

Then there’s Kiera Lucia, a chihuahua who lives in Florida with owner Debbie Purvis.

I am named after a character. Star Trek: Deep Space Nine And for Lucia “Light,” the 6-month-old puppy weighs just nine pounds.

“He has a very square face with an underbite. We like the contrast,” Purvis said. Newsweek.

A bundle of energy with a real dog, Kira is often found chasing the house cat: “They take turns chasing each other,” said the owner.

Photos of 3-year-old Maltipo Samson, with a touch of static from a leather sofa.
Joyce Serendolo

Last but certainly not least this week is 3-year-old Maltipo Samson.

Dubbed “Beautiful Samson” by owner Joyce Sarandolo, the 22-pound cub has the textbook curly hair that the Maltipoo breed is known for.

A popular crossbreed between a Maltese and a poodle, the breed is known for its short stature, round head, and floppy ears—giving them a puppy-like appearance for most of their lives.

In photos shared with NewsweekSamson has also managed to make his hair stand up thanks to being static on the leather couch.

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