LA City Council votes to allow tenants to adopt pets during pandemic

Tenants in the city of LA will now have the opportunity to keep an adopted pet during the pandemic, without fear of eviction.

The Los Angeles City Council took a final vote Tuesday to make eviction protections for pet owners permanent during the Covid-19 era, and the plan now goes to the mayor for final sign-off.

Under the Ordinance, landlords will not be able to evict tenants for having a cat or dog they have adopted since the start of the pandemic in violation of their lease until January 31, 2023. Don’t stop landlords from filing evictions on pets that cause serious problems.

“These pets have helped people get through hard times,” Councilmember Eunice Hernandez said during the meeting, noting that many L.A. tenants have adopted pets into their families. Coped with isolation due to pandemics and deaths from COVID.

“At a time when thousands of tenants across our city are at risk of eviction, we have a responsibility to continue to expand and build on important tenant rights that allow people to live in their homes,” he said. Will keep them at home.” “And if that means keeping them in their homes with their pets, then we have to do it.”

Members of the Council Voted in favor of these laws. last month, but a second vote was needed to finalize the ordinance.

Previous LAist reporting has found that despite local protections for pet owners during the pandemic, some tenants have Faced with threats of eviction from their landlords.

Tenant advocates are concerned that the level of evictions, which are Already growing In LA, that could climb even higher with the city’s remaining COVID-19 restrictions set to expire on February 1.

LA pet reservations at a glance

    • Under the Ordinancelandlords will not be able to evict tenants for the presence of a cat or dog they adopted in violation of their lease from the start of the pandemic until January 31, 2023.
    • The new rule applies to all tenants within the city limits of LA.
    • Tenants are required to notify their landlord of eligible pets within 30 days of the ordinance taking effect, if their landlord did not already know about those pets.
    • The rules don’t cover recently adopted pets, and they don’t prevent landlords from filing evictions against pets that cause serious problems.

Landlord groups supported the City Council’s vote this week, asking tenants to notify their landlords of any unauthorized pets during the pandemic.

wrote Fred Sutton, spokesman for the California Apartment Association A letter to the council that his organization supports “the city’s goal of addressing this unique situation.”

Sutton continued, “It is important for the property owner to be aware of the animals and general activities in the community and follow the City of Los Angeles Animal Services (LAAS) regulations.”

Thirteen council members voted in favor of the ordinance. No one voted against it. Council members Heather Hutt and Katie Yaroslavsky were absent.

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