Keeping your pets safe and warm in the winter

PEORIA (25 NEWS NOW) – Snow on the ground means de-icing salts are coating sidewalks and streets and sometimes even getting into our pets’ paws. However, deicing salts can be toxic if eaten by our furry friends.

Along with toxic deicing salts, local vets and the Peoria Humane Society are urging pet owners to avoid leaving pets outside as temperatures drop.

“If it’s too cold for you, it’s probably too cold for your pet,” said Kitty Yanko, director of the Peoria Humane Society.

Cold weather can cause hypothermia, frostbite, paw burns or death.

“Probably the biggest thing we’re seeing right now with ice and salt on the ground is dogs coming in with horrible infections,” said Addison Damness, DVM, medical director of Damness Animal Hospital.

Demons added that pets usually like the taste of deicing salts. However, its use can cause disease, including kidney failure, but this can be avoided simply by cleaning those claws.

“One of the best things you can do is clean them when they come back in, look at the joint between those toes, and make sure there’s not a bunch of ice in there,” DeManis said. “Yes,” said Damanis.

Demnis recommends using warm water to help melt the ice and chemicals in your paws.

They also point out that pets are more prone to arthritis in winter. Pay attention to your pet’s activity level and give them medication to help them stay active during the season, which can sometimes be tough on their joints, she suggests.

“Whenever the wind picks up and the temperature drops, that’s the time to be alert and watchful of pets. If you see a pet that’s been outside for any length of time And if you’re worried, always call (Peoria County Animal Control),” Yanko said.

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