Keeping pets safe during winter, zero wind chill

ROCKY HILL, Conn. (FSB) – During the current Arctic blast, protecting the most vulnerable members of the community, including pets, is critical.

Your four-legged friends may be feeling the sweltering temperatures, but Rocky Hill’s dog park wasn’t empty or quiet on Saturday afternoon.

Wethersfield resident David Fella brought his dog Buford to get some exercise.

“He loves the cold; he’s eating ice cubes, and it’s 17F outside, so he’s having a good time,” Fela shared.

Buford, a golden retriever, has a long fur coat, which likely keeps him warm.

Dr. Kathleen Kimball, an emergency and urgent care veterinarian at Piper Memorial in Middletown, says that short-haired dogs should be bundled up. Must be outside the coat.”

Strong winds are expected to drop to a zero wind chill Saturday night.

“Short-haired dogs are really prone to frostbite and skin damage,” adds Dr. Kimball.

Owners should wash their dog’s paws with warm water if they don’t have shoes, she says.

Also, avoid leaving your pet out in the elements overnight.

Avoid using essential oils on your pet’s claws. Look for bag balm or vaseline.

Finally, magnesium chloride-based rock salts are better for your pet.

Although you should be careful when the temperature drops, your four-legged friends can still have fun like Buford.

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