Keep pets away from these big game party foods

A close-up of a Labrador dog being petted by its owner at a vet clinic (Getty Image)

HONOLULU (KHON2) — With the Super Bowl right around the corner, everyone is likely planning on pops and dessert. But some of our game day favorites can cause trouble for our furry friends.

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“There are foods that are definitely toxic to our pets that we want to avoid in our daily lives, especially grapes, onions, garlic, “In general, many of the foods we eat pose a high risk of many unfortunate health risks to our pets.”

How do you know if your pets are involved in something they shouldn’t be?

“Stomach upset that would be vomiting and diarrhea and possibly something like pancreatitis.”

For pets with underlying problems, the high salt content of many big game foods can pose an even greater risk, especially those with heart or kidney disease.

Well, maybe you’re on a diet of mature drinks.

“Our dogs are actually quite sensitive to alcohol.”

Pets may also be interested in mixed drinks, if they can access them.

The symptoms will be the same as they are in humans.

“Things like numbness, weakness, nausea or vomiting. And if enough alcohol is consumed, they can get really sick and potentially have life-threatening complications.”

Dr. Onaga recommends securing trash cans so that dogs, especially large dogs, can’t knock over them and get into what’s in there. You probably want to put up barriers so they’re not physically in the area where people are eating.

It is recommended to feed them their normal meals at their scheduled times and also to let your guests know what the house rules are – not to feed Maple, no matter how cute she is.

If all your preparations fail and one of your pets surfs or helps themselves to a margarita, Dr. Onaga recommends taking them to the vet immediately.

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“The sooner we’re able to take care of them, the easier it is to get them back to health or the better chance we have of getting them back to health as soon as possible.”

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