‘It makes me happy’: Arnold Schwarzenegger’s pet makes fitness community feel excited while doing morning cardio

76 years old Arnold Schwarzenegger Often shares snippets of time spent with their pets. Earlier, the Arnold Classic founder uploaded a clip of him playing in the large yard of his property. Seven times Mr. Olympia was filmed playing together with his beloved dogs, Schnitzel and Dutch, miniature horse Whiskey, and his internet-famous donkey, Lulu.

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However, since this is Arnold Schwarzenegger we’re talking about. Body building Legend also managed to inspire his followers with this clip. Austrian Oak captioned a video of her pet playing into exercise motivation. Although it’s hard to say how motivated they are, the adorable animals melt their hearts.

Arnold Schwarzenegger: The Ultimate Stimulus


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Austrian Oak’s passion for fitness and bodybuilding goes beyond winning seven Olympia titles. Despite being 76 years old, the former governor wants to improve everyone’s life through fitness. So, Terminator tries to inspire people at every opportunity. “Morning cardio is important,” Ernie wrote in the caption, reminding everyone to get their daily dose of cardio.

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Every morning, Arnold Schwarzenegger wakes up, feeds his pets, and spends time with them. Play with your pets Starting with Arnie’s day., and then he rides a bike to Gold’s gym. So, it’s safe to say that the bodybuilding legend gets plenty of cardio. Having undergone three heart surgeries for valve malfunctions, the former Mr. Olympia knows the importance of maintaining cardiovascular health.

So, he encourages others to do the same. Arnie’s love for bodybuilding culminated in the Arnold Sports Festival. However, the five-time Mr. Universe didn’t stop there. In 2023, she launched a dedicated fitness newsletter to help people integrate fitness into their daily lives. Since then, Arnie has also regularly inspired his social media followers. The 76-year-old’s Instagram followers were excited to see her pet.


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The fitness community loves Arnie’s Pets.

“It makes me happy,” One fan wrote after seeing Schwarzenegger’s pets running around. Arnold Schwarzenegger was lucky, one fan said. “I love it. How lucky you are to be able to enjoy your animals! (I) love that you love critters.” The fan commented. “The most beautiful! We love to see Lulu! Another fan wrote for Lulu’s crashing video conference.


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“If you can catch me,” said the dog. wrote one fan after seeing Lulu chasing Dutch. “Dogs should get a pump too…” A fitness enthusiast wrote. While we don’t know if Ariane’s post boosted fans’ motivation to do cardio, her pets certainly boosted their mood.

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