Internet cries as owners learn what it means for your pet to have a ‘say’

According to a viral Instagram In a video shared by user @sidney_minisausage earlier this month, in Hawaii, pet owners are called “kahu” — a term that has the Internet in tears.

The viral video has received 13.1 million views since being shared on the social media platform on January 17, with @sidney_minisausage following the lives of dachshund duo Sid and Nancy.

A message overlaid on the video reads: “In Hawaii, you don’t call yourself the ‘owner’ of your pet. You are their ‘kahu.'” The footage shows different shots of two dachshunds interacting with people in different settings outdoors and indoors.

Newsweek Contacted @sidney_minisausage via Instagram. This video has not been independently verified.

According to the University of Hawai’i website for hello, the Hawaiian word has a variety of meanings, including “one who has a dog, cat, pig, or other domestic animal,” as well as “honorary attendant, guardian, keeper, caretaker… “.

The Hawaiian word refers to the caring relationship between pets and owners appropriate to the special bond humans share with their dogs.

A May 2013 study PLoS OneA peer-reviewed journal noted that “the unique relationship between adult dogs and their human owners bears a striking resemblance to an infant attachment bond: dogs are dependent on human care and their behavior is specific to their own.” Owners are willing to engage in maintenance. The system.”

Reaction from Instagram users

A message overlaid on the viral video reads: “Say has many meanings” as the footage shows a dog sleeping wrapped in a blanket.

“Among them guardians, protectors, protectors, beloved servants,” the message continues, as the footage shows the dachshund resting in various positions, from atop a person’s shoulder to lying on a person’s chest. have been.

Another note in the clip reads: “Essentially, someone is entrusted with the responsibility of protecting something precious, something dear,” as the footage shows a dog in a person’s arms. I am being raised.

“What they protect is not their ‘possession’. What they protect is part of their soul,” says a final message as the clip ends.

The caption shared with the post read: “I think someone is chopping onions.”

Several users on Instagram liked the Hawaiian term featured in the latest viral clip.

User writer Daniel Dixon commented: “I’m in tears.”

User button_willow wrote: “I’m not crying, you are.”

User kat_love_in_sky added: “I love it, I’m my dog’s guardian.”

User mdaze3 wrote: “I love it!”

User m012345678910m1 commented: “That’s how it should be.”

User iryna.pietrova added: “The only right way to look at it. I always feel uncomfortable when I’m called the owner of my dogs.”

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