Incredible duo Carly and Curly: Northport Pets of the Week

NORTHPORT, N.Y. — Curly and Carly, 9-month-old siblings, are the Northport Cat Rescue Association’s Kittens of the Week.

Laura Wild, a volunteer with the rescue, said they were an “incredible pair of love” who had been waiting to find forever homes for the rest of their lives.


“We don’t know why it’s taking so long for these two to show up,” Wilde said. “They are sweet, loving, loving, crazy and calm and beautiful.”

According to Wilde, they were raised with small children and even dogs. They also get along with other cats.

“When our volunteers show up at Petco Comics where they’ve been for so long, Curly can’t wait to jump out and play,” Wilde said. “Carly usually sits on the edge of her habitat watching all the other cats’ movements.”

Occasionally, Carly will go outside and rest on the small couch in the living room.

“Sadly, we think she’s getting depressed, and losing hope,” Wilde said. “Homes have become their reality. We can’t wait for them to adopt, so they see how much love and freedom life has in store for them.”

The rescue said it recognizes that trying to adopt a pair can be financially more difficult and doesn’t want the cost to be because two cats are not adopted together. He’s giving Carly and Curly a 25 percent discount on adoption fees. Together

“They’re very close, and Curly takes care of his sister and comforts her,” Wilde said. “They’ve been together for 9 months; since the day they were rescued from the outside. They need each other, and they need a family. Curly does everything he can to get her and her sister’s attention. gives, usually puts his paw on it. the window of their living room when guests come over. They are now 9 months old, and may not be toddlers, but even so, they Still have babies. We hate it when they raise their kittens in a cage, but as rescues we know that usually, those who wait the longest find the best homes. Maybe it’s just a gift the universe gives them for being so patient. Won’t you please consider this wonderful couple?”

Carly (left) and Curly. (Courtesy of Northport Cat Rescue Association)

The pair is currently huddled together at Petco Comics, awaiting their forever home.

They are neutered or spayed, have all their shots, are litter box trained, microchipped and FELV/FIV negative.

If you are interested in meeting Curly and Carly, you can go. Northport Cat Rescue website And fill out an application to let them know you’d like to meet them or one of the rescue’s other wonderful kittens and cats. Or you can call or email NCRA.

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